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Adult Disney: Everyone can afford Disney

I often hear: “I cannot afford a Disney vacation, it’s too expensive”. But what if I told you that everyone could afford a Disney vacation in some kind of way? You need some dedication and savings.

It’s too expensive

Disney is expensive, yes that is true, but in a way every vacation is expensive in it’s own way. Investing in a magical vacation that you will remember for years to come!

Disney offers a variety of deals all year round for people who are willing to book at least 6 months in advance. From discounts on hotel rooms to free food throughout your trip, they offer it all!

Mouse Savers

If you want cheap tickets to the most magical place in the world then the front gate isn’t the best idea, neither might be pre-booking them from the official websites.

But let me introduce you to the world of MouseSavers.com. They specialize in saving money on Disney since 2001. That is over 18 years now! In Europe it is allowed to drink now! Check out their special discounts often and see how much money you save on your trip to the happiest and most magical place on earth!

On-site vs Off-site

When you visit Disney it might seem the best idea to stay on Disney property, but you can save so much money on staying off-site. More luxury for a lesser price. Like for my next trip next month I’m staying at the Vienna Dream Castle which is a 4 star hotel for 170 Euros per night. If I’d stay at the value 2 star hotel on-site I’d spend 250 euros per night.

So staying off-site can save you a lot of money, but for some Disney resorts that means that you need to rent a car or use uber to get around. So depending on those costs it might be cheaper to stay on-site. Be the guardian of your own wallet.

Saving up

Maybe it’s hard to save up. I know it is for me with my day job in the catering industry at a bit more than minimum wage. But to save you might have to let some things go that are not needed and will save you a lot of money.

My Disney Princess stopped smoking when we started dating, and I told her that if she stopped smoking she would save up greatly.

A pack of cigarettes in The Netherlands costs around 7 euros.

7 euros a day makes 49 euros a week. That is already a ticket to Disney on a low crowd day. make that for a whole month and she would save up 196 Euros.

The cheapest Annual pass for Disneyland Paris is 159 Euros. So with a month not smoking she could save up money already by buying an Annual Pass.

If she wouldn’t smoke for a whole year she would save up 2352 Euro. With that money she can go to Walt Disney World for a week!


Disney is as expensive as you make it, you can save so much by quitting bad habits. Make use of all the promotional discounts Disney is giving and be smart on where to stay!

Everyone can afford Disney, you just need to really want it!