Adult Disney: Benefits of an Annual Pass at Disneyland Paris

When you become an adult you’ll get a job and you will have some spendable income on stuff like Disney! But even though you are in a point in life where you can spend extra, why not save a little bit more?

Pay upfront

When you buy an Annual Pass you are paying a large sum upfront of your trips to Disney. This of course is not an easy feat. But when you think that tickets costs between 50 and 120 euro per day in the parks then an Annual Pass becomes a lot more attractive.

The passes at Disneyland Paris start from 159 Euro to 449 Euro. Every pass has its own benefits and luxuries, so to you to see what is most profitable for you.

When does it become profitable?

If you buy 1 day 2 park tickets at Disneyland Paris you pay 107 Euro. So if you go and buy the most expensive one you’ll be profiting from 5 days in the parks. The tier below it is after 3 days already.

So after those days you basically go to Disney for free. You prepaid your tickets in advance and Disney loves you for doing such a commitment.

If you also count the discounts they give on the boutiques and restaurants you could say that it becomes profitable even sooner.

Why am I buying an Annual Pass?

Because I have a Disney Blog and a Disney Instagram I need great pictures, and with the new European regulations on having to have you own creative content, I need great Disney pictures to show my love for Disney.

Also I’m a total Disney Nut and want to go as much as possible. Who wouldn’t want to go to Disney every couple of months?

I also like the special bonuses you get for having a higher tier Annual Pass. Being invited to special occasions, having your own private entrance. And the discounts. All reasons why I want to get an Annual Pass.

Bringing Friends

A lot of times I hear that people have nobody to take with them to Disney. An annual pass might be a solution. One of the reasons a lot of people don’t want to go to Disney is because of the price of admission. But if you have one of the top tier Annual Passes you can take your friends for a very much reduced price.


Is a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass something for you? That’s something you can only decide. But considering you are reading it on a Disney blog and you probably love Disney as much as I do, I would say: Go for it!

Going on Disney trips for a reduced price is so much better than paying the full price!



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