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Solo travel: My Favorite European cities

I’m born and raised in Amsterdam so I know all about tourism. So I’m always looking for places to call my home away from home and from all the tourists.


On the most west coast of Europe we have Ireland. A truly magical place where music and booze rules the night and during the day it has nature and Culture.

All this is found in Dublin every single day of the week. Dublin has everything I love in a city. Music on every corner of every street and culture around every other corner.

One of my most favorite things is that all the musea are free to enter. You will have to pay for the Guinness Brewery but it’s worth every penny you pay.


I might be biased, but Amsterdam is one of the most awesome cities in my very biased opinion.

Most houses from the historical city center are atleast 200 years old to even 800 years old. There’s more history than The United States is old.

Be sure to see the city from the water, discover why they call Amsterdam the Venice of the North.


Although in my opinion Disneyland Paris is the best thing in Paris. But the culture and history makes this a truly impressive city. I remember being very impressed when I was a kid, and years later I still love it.

I only wish I would have seen Notre Dame before the fire this year. But when its renovated I sure will visit again.


I love traveling trough Europe for all the history and culture around every corner. If you ever think of doing a city trip I would say do it tomorrow.