Disney Travel: When is it the best time to go

We all know it can be extremely busy at Disney and because of it Disney increased the prices of all their resorts to battle the crowds. But are there cheaper periods in the year to go than others?

Outside of holidays

Unless you have children or a job where you can only travel during holidays I would not suggest traveling during the major holidays. The crowds will be amazingly large and it might not be worth your money.

But when you go during the down season you might get the trip of a lifetime. Hotel costs will be down by a bunch, at Disneyland Paris you will be paying less on a less crowded day. And the lines won’t be hours long on every single ride.

So instead of going during the summer, go when the schools are just in again. Or just before or after major holidays. When you plan smart you will save money and time.


It might not be your preference to go on vacation during the winter, but Disney does an amazing job at making winter magical. I have seen Disneyland Paris during the winter, and although I was freezing all body parts I won’t list here, seeing snow at the castle might be my most magical memories ever.

Going to Walt Disney World or Disneyland, Anaheim are also great options during the winter. These places are known for their fair winters, yes there will be cold days, but if it saves a thousand bucks then I would say take an extra sweater.

During the week

Why not go monday through friday when all the kids are in school? Weekends are notorious for having the biggest crowds, so personally I always plan my Disney trips as much outside of the weekends.

If you go to Disneyland Paris on a wednesday afternoon you might get a lot of crowds as well. Europe tend to have half days at school on Wednesdays, so a lot of kids in the neighbourhood go to the parks then.


If you don’t have to, go outside of the holidays. You will save money and time, and we all know that time is memory’s currency in Disney. So be smart and plan everything out!


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