Disney Dinners: Aladdin

When me and My Disney Princess started dating we did a week full of Disney Dinners. That all to celebrate our love for eachother and Disney. Having someone who loves Disney as much as you do is something quite rare and amazing in this world.

A Whole New World

When I met my Disney Princess 14 years ago I saw her perform “A Whole New World” after I went on stage to play my music. So choosing Aladdin for this romantic dinner was a no-brainer.


They say that preparation is half the fun, and I totally agree with that. Thinking of creative ways to make your normal dinner magical is addicting and so much fun! It’s the effort that you do both is what makes it magical.

New recipies

One thing we noticed was that we started eating things we normally wouldn’t. For this Disney Dinner we went with Persian food. Personally I wouldn’t go to a Persian restaurant by myself, but in this setting it made the food legendary.


Our Dinner

Our Aladdin diner consisted of:

  • Yellow Rice
  • Haricot
  • Kebab
  • Naan Bread
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Hummus
  • Borani Esfanaaj

Normally I would think of Kebab as how you get it from the corner store, but the combination of all this together made it into a magical dinner.


This was our first Disney Dinner in about 6 months and it was so much fun to do. It does take a lot of effort but when you do it together it becomes even more fun. Be creative and see what you can use from your own home. I guarantee that it will make your dinner a magical evening that you’ll talk about for ages to come!



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