Adult Disney: Pre-Disney Resort Traditions

Going to a Disney Resort is more than just a vacation. It is coming home to the most magical place in the world. And with that comes a whole lot of traditions. And right now I’m making whole new traditions with My Disney Princess

Watching movies

To really get into the magic I like to watch a lot of Disney movies before I go. This not only brings me in the mood for the magic, during the trip I will remember so much more of the movies. All the songs will be stuck in my head even more than normal. And the magic will feel even more magical than normal.

When Disney+ comes out this tradition will be even easier because the Streaming Service will have all the movies ready on the go.

Disney Dinners

One of the most fun things to do are Disney Dinners. These are Disney Themed dinners with food inspired by the country the movie is set in. The fun thing is that you can do it with any movie you would love. It only takes a whole lot of creativity and teamwork.
If you do this with your SO, I will assure you that you will get butterflies for dining so romantically.


On my way to work, or just going to the grocery store, I like to listen to Disney music. Spotify because they have awesome compilations of Disney music where you don’t just listen to one soundtrack, no you listen to them all!

When I was young and we would travel to Disneyland Paris I used to have a 90’s Disney soundtrack with all kinds of special Disney songs. I can’t seem to find it to save my life, but Spotify helps with that tradition.


I think everyone should make some Disney traditions of their own. It does make your magical vacation so much more magical for such a long time in advance. It is fun to include your loved ones in it and make it a family fun thing to do!


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