Solo Travel: Romance on first sight

When you are traveling solo you might not expect to find your true love, but what if you could? Traveling is really romantic and bumping into your prince charming or princess when you would not expect it?


A lot of people see cruises as old people ships, but in the last 20 years a lot has changed and lots of younger people go on cruises every day of the year. Solo travel is also way more popular now on cruises although you still need to pay the full price for two people. But you do get date nights where people get matched up with each other and you can go to the clubs and bars aboard to find that special one.

You should considering checking out Carnival Cruises, they specialize in younger people cruises where they do single nights and single events. They are also way more affordable than other cruise lines.

They do have a reputation to being the “Party Boat”, so if that isn’t your style try to find another cruise company that suits you more. There are more than a dozen companies in the world, so there’s more than a couple of options to chose from.


Backpacking has been popular since the 60’s and lots of love has been found during these trips. When you stay at hostels you will find a lot of like minded travelers. Might not be that they all are looking for love, but you only need THE ONE right?

While backpacking be open to new experiences. Talk to other travelers or local people and you might find the person you will spend the rest of your life with.

Backpackers are easy to spot, they don’t travel with their big suitcases on wheels. Backpackers tend to travel lighter or have a gigantic backpack on their back. But being more of a local looking person that Backpackers try to achieve most of the time, it’s not bad to look for local options either. Just be respectful, especially to locals they tend to see a lot of tourists, so if you are an A-hole don’t expect anything magical to happen.


Solo traveling to Disney is becoming really popular, and lots of people do friend trips to the most magical place on earth. I’ve seen so many girl trips to Disneyland Paris that I couldn’t even count the couple of friends I’ve seen in the parks.

If you aren’t shy, go chat with someone while waiting in line. Or if you are in a bar, ask to buy them a drink and have an awesome discussion about your favorite Disney movies. You are there for the same reason right? Why not try the impossible!

You might think you couldn’t meet someone in a line for a ride. But last trip I saw two girls in front of me on the Peter Pan ride and I noticed that the clothes of one of the girls looked like she was Tinkerbell. She didn’t wear a costume, but the colors resembled everything Tinkerbell and completed with the skirt I just recognised it.

So I started talking to them and I told her that I loved her Disneybound. Our conversation continued about Disneybounding. And since then I’ve been thinking a lot about Disneybounding and now I’m starting it with my Disney Princess.

So even though it didn’t end up with me having a romance of a lifetime, but it did bring me up to another adventure in a different romance. Risks have to be taken if you want magic to happen, even if it is rewarded to you 2 years later.

Air Travel

When I was 15 I had a moment where I looked at the other side of the aisle and saw a really cute girl. But more off I saw that she was looking back at me. During the four hour flight we kept looking at each other, sharing looks to each other.

When I went to pick up our suitcases I saw her again but I was too shy to ask for her number. That was one of my regrets in my teens. So my advice, don’t let someone like that just walk. Go right up to them and just ask their number, who knows what kind of adventure you will embark on.

Airplanes are great places to get to know someone, you can’t just leave so better just get to know each other by doing 20 questions. A moment not taken is a moment wasted and a regret forever.

Hotel Bar

You wouldn’t think that a hotel bar would be a perfect place to pick someone up, byt you might be surprised. A lot of traveling business people tend to go to hotel bars to work or to relax with a nice drink. Go chat up with that bartender, if someone sees that you are having fun then it will be more likely that someone would talk to you.

I mean nobody is going to talk to you if you sit there all depressed with a scotch, Be aproachable, be open. You don’t need to be dancing on the bar, although that is a pretty good ice breaker, but give a smile to someone at the other side of the bar. Maybe they will come up to you and buy you a drink.

A drink is only a romantic adventure away, so open up and be aproachable. You will not regret any of it! And if you do? You learn from every adventure you embark on.

Just be sure about the intentions of the person in front of you. There are prostitutes in hotel bars that will charge you for the “magical” act they provide to you and they might not say it so directly until the end of the act.
But also be sure that the person you are hooking up with doesn’t think you are a prostitute and hands you cash afterwards, that might be really weird!


Romance is everywhere, especially during traveling. Go and have fun, you might bump into the person you will spend the rest of your life with. Go talk to that person, you’re more likely to never see that person again than


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