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Adult Disney: Cheap park food vs Expensive

Dining at Disney is expensive, it doesn’t matter to which resort you go, you will find out that going with a family of four your wallet becomes thinner quite fast. So should you only go for cheap food or should you still go for expensive?

Your wallet decides

It might not be something motivational, but the size of your wallet decides where you should go and eat. If you don’t have the cash to eat in Fantasyland then you simply can’t. You can ofcourse use a credit card and pay for the meal later when you do have more cash, but that is postponing the problem of not having any extra spendable money.

Is more expensive better?

You would think you get more and better if you pay more. This is not the case, at Disney you pay more for environment. But will the food be better? Most of the time the answer will be no. Your steak will not be bigger, your fries won’t be better and you drink won’t have more alcohol in it. But how cool is it to dine with princesses at your table next to the beautiful castle?

You pay a lot of money extra for a character meal, but if that is worth it is for you and your wallet to decide. For what you save with a cheaper restaurant you could buy maybe that cool souvenir you have been eyeballing.

Table service vs Quick Service

Let me explain the difference. Table service is what you expect from a fancy restaurant, you get seated at a table get a menu and you order. Quick service is your more traditional Mcdonalds experience. You go up to the counter, you order and you bring your food to a table in the restaurant without any extra service.

So to decide which option is better for you, you need to check two variables. Your wallet and the kind of trip you are doing. If you want to do as many rides as possible your time will be wasted in a Table service restaurant. But you will benefit from the quick service where you get a quick bite and then move to your fastpass reservation.

If you desire a more luxurious trip where you want to be treated like a king, go for table service. You will get an amazing experience in an amazing environment. Especially if you are a foodie then table service will be exactly your thing.

Buffet restaurant

A buffet restaurant is in between table service and quick service. You get your own food from the buffet but you still have your own table with a waiter for your drinks.
I just mentioned that if you are a foodie that table service would be perfect. But I should say that buffet restaurants can work for foodies as well!

You have a lot of options at a buffet, and you can choose to just have some of this and some of that instead of one meal. And it is all you can eat, so if you are really hungry you can get all the food you desire.


Your wallet should decide if you can eat somewhere more expensive. Don’t just think that more money will bring you more quality. Go look for that awesome buffet restaurant with the environment of your dreams.