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Disney Travel: First Aid

When traveling it is really important to come prepared. Yes at the resorts there will be staff to help you, but during your travel to the resort a lot of stuff can happen. And isn’t it really beneficial to know that you have everything? It will take some stress out of your vacation.

First Aid Kit

You can buy a plethora of different kind of First Aid Kits, but what should you choose? A professional case is a good way to be prepared for everything, but it can be quite large and not helpful if you want to travel light.

I bought a travel sized first aid kit you can put on your belt or backpack strap and it saves a lot of space. It was very inexpensive too, only 6 euro’s and I have everything I could wish for in a travel sized First Aid Kit.


When you buy a First Aid Kit, make sure that it has a notification on it that it is indeed sterile. You don’t want to get infections because your First Aid Kit wasn’t sterile.
When on the go make sure that your first aid kit stays unstained, safety first, especialy with the thing that should be saving you from infections and harm.

Over Prepare

Make sure you bring as much as you can for your appropriate situation. I get headaches often so when I travel I make sure I always bring Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, and I bring a lot with me. It’s better to go home with some than to be short some and make your trip a living hell.

If you think you may be at risk of something, bring the appropriate first aid with you to make sure everything runs smooth when Darwin’s law comes into play. Because it is true: “When something can go wrong, it will go wrong”.


Don’t be too stingy on your First Aid Kit choice, your trip should be smooth and without pain. Bring medicine with you even though you might not need it. What if you do need it? Preparation is the key to an amazing trip!