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Disney Fit: Workout Regime

When you want to be Disney fit for Disneybounding or just looking good in general you need to be fit. You don’t need to be Chris Evans fit, but if you could why not go for it?

Start Slow

When you start working out you should always start slow. Make your muscles know that you will make them work overtime and don’t overdo it. Some people say that it only works if it hurts, that’s just a lie. Having played sports on the highest competitions I can tell you that when it hurts you will have problems for life.

I started out doing 12 pushups and 25 situps. I did that for 3 sets each day. If I wouldn’t sleep well I would only do 2 sets, but the most important thing is to keep doing it. Make it part of your daily routine and it will get easier among the way.


Gyms are pretty good ways of getting into shape, but you will be paying a lot of money per month to do it. You can hire a trainer to help you get fit, but that costs money too. But some cities will invest in public free gyms.

Those gyms are outside and are pretty basic, but if you know what you are doing basic is all you need. You don’t need dumbbells that are 25kg to get fit. You need dedication and hard work. You can do most workouts on the floor at your own home.

Inspiration and goals

You will need to get some inspiration to keep going to achieve your goals. Do you want to have stamina? keep on running, maybe jump on your bike. Do you want a toned body? Crunches are the way to go!

Personally I take a lot of inspiration by the actors of Marvel. They went trough the gutter to achieve a perfect comic book body. Like Chris Pratt, he’s always been a chubby guy, he went all the way and got a toned body from heaven because of his dedication.

My actual goal is to lose my belly and tone my arm and chest muscles. I’ve never had a six pack in my life other than beer, so it is a great goal to be trying to achieve this.

Do it for yourself

When you are working out it is easy to think: “oh man, I can get so many chicks this way”, and yes when your body looks good people will notice. But most important, if you feel good about it you will show it so much more to the outside world.

When you’ve worked out your body will feel eventually like you can take on the world. This feeling is amazing. You will feel way more yourself than you ever have before. Confidence will show and your ego will be boosted.


Working out is something you should do, it will make you feel better, it will get your self esteem up. No matter how far off you are from your goal, keep on working out!