Disney Dating: My Experience as a Disney Couple

When you are a hardcore Disney fan you want to have a significant other who loves Disney as much as you do. So when you are looking for someone to build a future with you want someone who is willing to go on Disney Vacations.


Disney has taught us from the beginning that equality in a relationship is important. Where other companies in the early age of Hollywood were going for strong man who woman would fall for. Disney focussed on independent woman who did not need a man, but who loved to have a man next to them.

This is what a Disney relationship makes special. Knowing that your woman is a strong and independent woman. Your Disney princess doesn’t need you to survive, but she will appreciate every little thing you do for her.

My own Disney Princess is a single mom, comes from a toxic marriage and vowed to be independent wherever she could. Even now that we have been dating for six months and are very much looking forward to the future, her first priorities are her son and herself. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t need me in our relationship, she just knows that I’m there while she sorts out her life. I’m there whenever she needs a shoulder to cry on, I’m there when she wants to do something fun together, I’m there to spoon her to sleep.


Disney taught us to dream. Dream about our future, Dream about our relationships, dream about our present. Together with My Disney Princess we are dreaming about our future home. A home inspired by Disney movies with a mancave in the basement. Only the name mancave is wrong. Our vision is a basement where we can watch Disney Movies in relaxed chairs, a bar with our favorite drinks, a lounge where we can read books, and a place where we can invite our friends to have great double date nights.

We also have a vision for our attic. We want to design it as a Toy Story heaven where our kid can play and our future kid can grow up playing. Wouldn’t it be an awesome experience for any kid to have a playroom that feels like you are in a Disney movie?


It is really important as a couple to dream about your future. But more importantly is to start working now to ensure your dreamed future together. That’s why My Disney Princess and I are working together now on this website and on our Instagram. With this collaboration we want to show the world how much fun it is to be a Disney Couple, where we share our stories, the good and the bad because we believe that honesty goes the longest way.

Date Nights

Date nights are so important for a relationship, not only in the beginning, we strive to keep doing date nights until we are old and wrinkly. Because nothing is more special than to take your special one on a date and show each other how much you love each other. Luckily Disney is producing so many movies these days that it is so easy to do Disney Dream Dates together.

A couple of nights ago we went on a impromptu date where we went out dancing. Now I haven’t danced in years since I stopped Musical School. But despite my rusty moves we had so much fun dancing together, having drinks and building memories.


In a relationship jealousy will happen and when you finally found your true love you will beam your happiness to the outside world which makes other people interested that weren’t interested before. As a Disney Couple you have to be aware of this, but you should also work hard to keep faith in eachother.

After my last relationship ended 8 years ago because she cheated on me with her ex, my trust in people went really low. In the last six months My Disney Princess has noticed my fear of losing her and she has been a great support in me getting my trust back. I trust her with my life and she feels the same. Trust is the buildstone for a good relationship.


Nothing is more important than communication. My Disney Princess and I have set communication as the number one priority. We speak our mind about everything, no matter how hard it is to talk about it. Because of this we have created a way of nonverbal communication. I just have to give her one look and she knows I don’t like it and nobody will expect a thing.

I’ve always had a problem with showing my true emotions and feelings, but right now I’m working very hard on getting over my “problem” with my emotions.
When we went out and were on our way home again I had a moment where I had rather walked away than to express myself. Because in the past that is what worked best for me, avoiding the problem. But My Disney Princess grabbed my hand and held on tight. This gave me the feeling that I was loved and that there was not a thing I couldn’t say to her.


I haven’t loved myself for the last 8 years since my bad breakup with my ex I mentioned earlier. That’s why pictures of me are very rare in the last 8 years. I regret that a lot. My Disney Princess taught me to love myself again, that I’m worth loving. So because of that we are taking so many pictures everytime we see each other. Some go on our Instagrams or Facebook but more are just for us. We are building memories with every picture we take.

Sometimes I get down and close to a depression again, but when that happens I take out my phone and open my memories folder. I scroll through the pictures and realise how incredibly lucky I am. How much happiness I have right now and how good I look now compared just 6 months ago.

The best version of you

In our goal to become a Disney Power Couple, we vowed to become the best versions of ourselves. That means working out, having a healthy diet and work on our mental states. Since we started this I have changed a lot. I walk upwards with pride, I smile a lot more, I have hope in my eyes. I get so many compliments of how I look now, and how I inspire others to do the same.


All in all, being in a Disney Couple is a lot of fun, it’s hard work to do maybe even more than a regular couple. But it is so worth it! If you are thinking of doing the same I would suggest you start now, even before you find your true Disney love. Better to start yesterday than tomorrow.


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