Adult Disney: Pre-trip Stress

When you plan on going to the happiest place on earth you might feel stressed out. It’s expensive as it is, but to do Disney well you’ll need some healthy stress.

Everybody stresses

If you think you’re the only one having a binder with information ready on your day of departure you are wrong.

There are forums that have information on how to do Disney the best. Personally I’m not the binder type of guy, but I do make sure I have all information ready on my smartphone.


I’m worried about missing the thalys train directly to Disney. It’s my biggest point of stress at the moment. You have to book the tickets and missing the train will mean that you have to buy new tickets.

So My Disney Princess is staying over the night before so we can take a very early train to the airport where our train will depart.

To relax I’ve decided to get some breakfast at the airport and then we can just stroll to the train, get in, and relax.


Another source of stress were the tickets. I dont have a plethora of money so I couldn’t get park hopper tickets. For days I felt really bad about it, but My Disney Princess told me that she only expected the main park because of all the pictures we will have to take.

That felt like a big relieve on my part. Knowing that I wouldn’t disappoint her for not having much more money to spend.

Checking in

Because we are going for two days we need to check into the hotel. I really hope we can check in around noon because we need to be in the park ASAP without losing too much time.

Luckily the park is open until 23:00 in June so we have more than enough time in the park, also the next day when we leave, we will have more than enough time in the park.


If you felt like this could have been you, you’ll see that you are not alone. But dont let the stress discourage you. The stress means you want to do it good and doing it good is step one for an awesome Disney trip!


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