Disney Dating: Dating at Disneyland

One of my bucket list items is to go to a Disney resort with a loved one other than a parent. So now that I’m dating My Disney Princess I vowed to take her to Disneyland Paris. And now that I had some extra spending money I worked hard to get that done.

Disney Dream Dates

Some Disney Dream Dates are small, some are big. This is in the huge category. Not just because of the money that I had to spend for it, but also the dream that brings to it.

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Taking your loved one to a Disney Resort is something not many people do because of the money. But in all honesty if you just cut back on some unnecessary spending like going out every weekend, cut back on bad habits. Everyone can afford a Disney Dream Date at a Disney Resort.

Going All Out

When you are spending a lot of money on transport, park tickets and hotel it might not seem a good thing to still go all out on spending. Of Course your wallet is your guide on how much you can spend. But don’t forget that you are here to build memories.

Sure you can go have dinner at a quick service restaurant, but why not spend a bit more and take your loved one to a nice restaurant. Disney aims to make their restaurant visits memorable. And memories are made when you romantically dine and just take time to appreciate each others company during some incredible food!

Some merch will take your wallet for a spin, but Disney still has a bunch of merchandise that is cheaper. It’s not about the money you spend on the merchandise, it’s the memory.

Memorable Merch

When I went to Disneyland Paris for the first time in 16 years, I bought a very old school black and white looking Mickey. I was in a bad place with my future in mind and I held onto the thought of that Walt Disney himself didn’t get successful until he had 5 bunkrupts. So to boost my morale I bought that Mickey.

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When I started dating My Disney Princess, I gave her the Mickey that had to boost my morale and gave it to her as a promise that this would be the start of our life together. She gave me a Minnie pillow she had and I’ve used that as my support in hard times.

Merchandise isn’t just something you buy because it’s pretty, it holds your memories, it holds your dreams. So when you go out and search for your perfect merchandise, see what it holds onto in your memories and future goals.

But don’t forget sometimes smaller is bigger, sometimes a pin can mean the world to someone else. Sometimes a plushy can mean the world to someone.

Shopping together

If there is one thing you can do in Disney, it would be shopping. The first street you are in when you go to the castle is a street with shops. There is a Disney Village, Disney Springs and many more. A lot of the shopping is for kids, but there are amazing gems to be found that will hold your memories forever.

In every Disney Trip you should take some time to check out the shops. Even if it is just window shopping, just being together seeing your loved ones smile when they find the perfect gifts is something to cherish forever.

One of the fun things about shopping at Disney is that it might seem that every shop sells the same merchandise, but every theme has other items directly to the theme the shop is. Fantasy land will sell more classic and traditional merchandise, while Tomorrowland or Discovery Land will sell more futuristic merchandise.

There is this little shop in Fantasyland in Disneyland Paris where they have build Snow White’s cabin in great detail. This shop feels almost like a walk on ride instead of a shop. When you go here together you will have smiles on your faces and you will be talking about that shop for a very long time.


Doing Rides Together

Disney Resorts are of course all about rides. While Disneyland Paris, where me and My Disney Princess are going, might have the least rides of all the Disney Resorts, it doesn’t mean that the rides are lesser than the other Resorts.

I’m terribly afraid of Rollercoasters. Last time I went into Crush’s Coaster because I wanted to overcome my fear. And I did enjoy the ride. This made me go on a couple of rollercoasters when I went to Hellendoorn with My Disney Princess. Now I have promised My Disney Princess to go with her into Hyper Space Mountain and I’m already nervous about it. Disney is a great environment to overcome your fears, and a loved one that holds your hand and gives you little kisses to ease your nerves makes it even better.

Nothing is more romantic than to do some dark rides together. Go on an adventure with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. Go in a haunted mansion together. But remember, you are always watched. On my last trip to Disneyland Paris, I noticed some teens being a bit too handsy in the que line which was a bit annoying, but teenage love what are you going to do about it?

Disney Police

Yes, Disney has Disney Police in their resorts. When people get rowdy or do indecent things you will get transported to another area and depending on what you have done you will be banned for life.

I just referred to some teens being a bit too handsy in the que line, well when I went out of the ride I saw the Disney Police for the first time. And the teens were not having fun talking to them. I couldn’t understand it because my French is Le Terrible, but body language told me that they were in a lot of trouble.

A lot of rides have cameras placed that track people on the ride vehicles and make sure that nobody does things they shouldn’t be doing. And Disney has all the right in the world to do so. They advertise Disney as a brand for the whole family. So don’t think of ruining any vacation for families.


Dating at Disneyland is a lot of fun, it is the most expensive date you will go on, but it is worth every penny. From the first look at the castle, to riding your favorite attractions, to shopping and dining. You will have the best date in a lifetime and I encourage any Disney fan to save up and go the extra mile for your loved one!



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