Disney Dating: Staying At A Disney Hotel

When you go to a Disney Resort it is best to consider to stay a night. Yes it is not cheap to do so, but it is so worth the memories and romance to dish out some hard earned cash for it. So what are some pro’s on staying at a Disney Resort.


A lot of people think Disney Resorts are meant for families with kids. But what they don’t know is that Disney Resorts are some of the most magical and romantic places on earth. Everything about the hotels screams that you are home and at the place where you belong to be. At Least that is how I have experienced it every time.

I might not have stayed at a Disney Resort with a lover before, but on my last trip where I spend five days at Disneyland Paris, I’ve been researching how romantic a Disney Resort can be.

From the moment you arrive at your hotel you are transported to another world. I stayed at the Sequoia Lodge hotel and even while I was in Northern France, I felt like I was in an American forest going to a lodge.

Next time I will be staying at Vienna Dream Castle, still part of the Disney Resort, but not Disney owned. But I expect the same Disney Magic as I’ve felt with all the Disney Hotels I’ve stayed at.

Choosing your romantic scene

When you are looking for hotels make sure you go for your kind of hotels. Expensive isn’t always better, and it isn’t always more romantic.
From all the partner hotels I’ve been researching at Disneyland Paris I went with Vienna Dream Castle because of the setting.

I could have easily chosen the Vienna Magic Circus, but for my first trip with the one I truly love I thought that the romantic setting of castles would be more of our forte.
We try to be a real life Disney Prince and Princess to inspire others, so a Dream Castle? Sign me up!

Would I rather stay at the Disneyland Hotel? Ofcourse! Just like any romance lover I would love to walk up the stairs at the Disneyland Hotel with My Disney Princess and carry her over the threshold of our hotel room. But budget will always be a thing, and if you can’t pay the big price, go look for the same romance but with a smaller price. Because more expensive isn’t always better.


If you don’t have the right mindset then a hotel will always be a hotel, but if you go there looking for romance you will find it and more.  Make it a special occasion, it’s not every day that you’ll go to a Disney Resort. And if it is the first time you go with the one you truly love, it will be something to remember for the rest of your life!


I know the mindset of being in Disney and wanting to do as many rides as you can whenever you can. But when you stay at a hotel you should be able to stop and use the facilities available at the hotel.

Just like a hotel bar. It is a great place to wind down together and share a drink. It’s some time to talk and discuss the next day, or recollect your thoughts of the day you just had. Maybe if there’s some music you can do some impromptu dancing. Will people start staring? Yes, but that’s not a bad thing. They will be staring because of all the fun you and your loved one are having.


Every Disney Resort Hotel has a restaurant on its grounds. Disney has a high standard on how to make a scene wonderful, but you shouldn’t expect gourmet food at all hotels. Some only have buffet style eating. Which if that is what you want is perfectly fine. But if you are there with your loved one, you might want to do a more traditional table service restaurant.

But if you want to get a full continental breakfast or a breakfast buffet, then the Hotel Restaurant might be the best place to start your day. Just be sure to research when most people go for breakfast and work around that. If you are able to go the extra morning magic hours then you should opt for the later breakfast and head into the park for some early fun without too many guests on the most popular classic rides.

Making most of your hotel visit

Most people would say that the hotel is only for sleeping and not that important. But if you are going to spend more than a hundred bucks per night I think you should make it your little home away from home for the nights that you are there.

Make some personal touches, like maybe you have something to celebrate, bring some decorations for a special occasion. Bring some plushies from home to make it feel like it you and your lovers home away from home.

Nothing screams like home than your own personal touches. And like they say in Walt Disney World: “Welcome Home”.

Making most of your visit is of course easier when you go multiple nights, but I think you would regret seeing it as just a bed when you can make your hotel room a romantic getaway. Maybe organise some roleplay before going to bed. Wouldn’t it be exciting to pick up your loved one from the bar but with your alter ego’s?

Make your night fun, yes you will be sleeping most of your stay at the hotel room, but it’s not like you will be dropping face first into the bed when you step into the room.


When you do a real magical Disney Dream Date at a Disney Hotel, you should make it as magical as you can. You paid a lot of money for the magic, but the magic won’t be forced into your lap. You will have to do something for it, but when you do go the extra mile for it, you will make memories of a lifetime.


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