Disney Dating: Appreciating Disney Together

When you look for someone to date as a Disney fan, you hope to find someone who is just as much into Disney as yourself. Which can be a hard task to do. But the moment you do find the one you love who is into Disney as much as you do it becomes magic.

Watching movies together

While growing up my dad always provided a sunday breakfast with croissants and orange juice. And on tv there would be a Disney movie. This is a tradition I would like to keep doing with my own children. But not only in the future. If I ever have my own house and My Disney Princess will move in with me I want to watch all the Disney movies with her.

We made a list with all the movies we want to see and one by one we are checking off the list and I’m sure we will repeat that list when we are done.
It feels good to just cuddle up and watch our favorite stories together. Disney movies have a certain way of making you feel the whole world around you is not important anymore. A place in the world where happy endings are real.

And with Disney+ coming this fall, it will be easier and less expensive than ever to do a whole Disney marathon. So instead of having a whole bookcase filled to the brim with movies, we will have a streaming service providing this for us.

Disney Dinners

Another way of appreciating Disney is with food. Food has always been a thing for Disney. It is something we need everyday so it is in all the movies as well. The Resorts have all sorts of food inspired by Disney Movies. Galaxy’s Edge even has the milk that Luke gets from that space animal in the last Star Wars movie.

And why couldn’t you do that at home? You do need a lot of creativity, but coming up with those concepts and making them true is an amazing shared experience. You might even try food you wouldn’t try before.

You can make it as romantic as you want, as long as you both enjoy the experience it’s worth doing. If you need some inspiration check out these blogs about Disney Dinners.

Minnie Ears

Girls love Minnie ears, guys love Mickey ears as well, but accessorising with some Minnie ears has been a tradition ever since Disneyland opened in Anaheim. Disney sells Minnie ears for every occasion, but sometimes you need something that fits the occasion a bit more than what Disney provides.

For My Disney Princess it is to compliment her Disneybound. She has a Rapunzel Disneybound that is already great, but with the Minnie ears, it will make it even more perfect.

It’s fun to think: “what kind of Minnie ears would a princess wear if she would go to Disneyland herself? So to appreciate Disney even more together, why not accessorize together in a way you wouldn’t have done before?

Singing together

When you think Disney, one of the first thoughts you might have are the amazing songs written by the talented Disney musicians. There’s a library full of Disney songs to sing to, and why not do it together?

I hear you think: “But I can’t sing?”, I’ve been a musician all my life and singing has never been my strongest point. But the last couple of years I have vowed to myself that I would be comfortable singing and now I have a partner in crime to sing with.

A while ago a friend came over to hang out with us and we put on some music and we all started singing. It felt like the most relaxed state we could have been in, and My Disney Princess commented: “why can’t everyday be this relaxed and carefree?”. And she’s right, why can’t it be?

You don’t need to be an Ariana Grande to be allowed to sing, just start and with time you will improve. And nowadays you can get some amazing tutorials on YouTube. So why not use all the resources you can get to make your life even more awesome together?

Being Creative

Some people love to draw Disney characters out of character doing stuff that they seem that is fun. That is one of the best ways to show your appreciation. There are artists who make metal versions of Disney Princesses. Some are just edits of existing pictures but some actually draw them out by hand.

No matter how you are creative it is worth doing. In Wreck it Ralph 2 Disney made their own appreciation of their Disney princesses by making them wear comfortable clothes. To me that is Disney appreciating their audience who have been doing that for decades. And now with the Internet to show your crafts, ideas are around the corner.

In my band days creative meant making punk and metal versions of Disney songs. Disney songs are really versatile and easy to transform to other music scenes without losing their integrity.

Playing those songs on stage to share your appreciation with your audience is an amazing experience. Not only do they see how much you love those songs, you can see how much they love what you did to the masterpieces from Disney. Nothing screams appreciation more than jumping, singing and dancing fans who love to share your love for Disney.


Fashion is a great way to show your appreciation for Disney. Disneybounds are different than Cosplay. It isn’t portraying the exact character, but the character on how you would think they would look like in modern day clothes.

Maybe you want to genderbend a Disneybound. Why couldn’t a man rock an awesome Disney Princess Disneybound? Why couldn’t a woman rock an awesome Disney Prince bound? The sky is the limit!


It is a lot of fun to appreciate Disney, and doing it together with the one you love makes it even better. But be sure to do it in your own way, how you feel like your fandom is being used to the fullest. Nobody can tell you what is right or wrong, only you can decide how your Disney fandom is righteous.


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