Disney Resorts At Night

When you go to a Disney Resort, you are most likely to spend a night there, and during the night is where it truly shines. Because Disney is a movie studio next to the resorts they know how to do the lighting around the resort. And my god do they do a good job at it. From just normal walk paths to lighting the water to every single light in the parks. They make it magical.

Magic starts at night

I will never forget the first night I spend in Disneyland Paris on my trip two years ago. I was walking around the Studio’s park because I wanted a smaller que at Ratatouille. And I started noticing how they did the lighting. Not just normal “we make it safer at night” but they made sure that every light would shine on something magical.

At Toy Story land you have big lights that resemble christmas lights in all kinds of colors. Normally Toy Story land is already vibrant with colors, but at night the colors really start to shine. The spotlights pointed at the big talking Buzz Lightyear make him look even bigger. And in combination with the music you feel like you are walking trough a Toy Story set.


Mainstreet Magic

During the day Mainstreet U.S.A. is already a magical experience, but at night it becomes a magical place. With the view of the amazingly lit castle it is bound to be the best place to take pictures after the fireworks are done.
If you go in the summer you will have a little bit of time to still walk around and enjoy the scenery with almost nobody around. Because most people will get out of the park after the fireworks, leaving the park pretty deserted.

Most people who will be there will be in the shops to buy their last souvenirs at the last second. So to take that perfect last picture of the castle, this would be the right time to do so. Disney takes a lot of pride in their castles and they enjoy showing off their work.


Staying at a hotel

When you stay at a onsite Disney Hotel, you are bound to have a little stroll around the hotel after a long day of Disney. And if you think: “I’ve been walking all day, I could use sleep”, well yes of course, but it is so worth it to just take an late evening stroll around the grounds.

You will hear the soothing sounds of music playing around the walkways, the lights showing you the way to walk to some relaxed adventure spots. Disney truly outdid themselves with the hotels.

The hotel bars are also great places to relax and drink while waiting to go somewhere, or have a nightcap before going to bed. Sure the drinks are expensive but the bars are truly a dream come true if you love the theming.



Disney keeps the rides open until the very end of the evening, which for some rides make it more magical than before. My favorite land to see in the evening is Frontierland in Disneyland Paris.


THe use of colored lights make Big Thunder Mountain tell a story. Not only shows it excitement and adventure, but the blue/purple lights show that there are haunted places in Frontierland. The story is never told, but with the use of lights and decor, the story is there for anyone to imagine.


If you can stay up late you should always check out the fireworks show. In the old days it was just fireworks and music. But now with the amazing projection shows they make it go the next level. I will never forget the first time I saw this projection show in real life. I was doubtful when they did the Star Wars firework show on the Hollywood Tower of Terror. But I have to say that it came out amazing!

On my last trip I didn’t do the firework show, I was going solo and it felt a bit weird to go to something like that solo. But now with my upcoming trip in just 7 days I know I will enjoy the show so much! Just being there having My Disney Princess in my arms getting emotional with all the music, projections and fireworks. I feels like something that I should put on my bucket list. But luckily I will be doing that very soon.

Downtown Disney

All the resorts have a Downtown Disney, but they are called differently. But what they have in common is that it is a place where you can have a bite to eat, buy merchandise and do some partying.


This is also a bucket list item for me, one of which I probably won’t be able to do this time around. I can imagine myself having dinner in Downtown Disney, getting some drinks and then dance the night away. My Disney Princess loves to dance and seeing her beautiful smile while we dance in a Disney environment is something I would strive to achieve. What is better than sharing Disney with your loved one? Doing things what you both love so much together in a Disney setting.

Luckily Disney has you covered with the late night partying. Busses still go to the resorts, if you stay close enough you can walk back to the hotel. But don’t do this when you want to be there during Early Magic Hours, you need to get some solid sleep if you want to do Early Magic Hours and a full day of Disney.


Disney isn’t just the magical place during the day, in my opinion the magic doesn’t start until the evening when the lights go on. Take a moment to enjoy the scenery and you will be rewarded with some amazing views.
Take some time to get a drink at your hotel or Downtown Disney and enjoy the options Disney gives you to really enjoy your night out!


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