Disneyland Paris: Bad Service?

While I was doing my search for info on Disneyland Paris a couple of years back I came up to a lot of reviews of Disneyland Paris and I read a lot of bad service. But is Disneyland Paris known for bad service for a reason? Or is it ungrounded?


France has a very distinct culture and it is far from what countries are used to. But that is also what it makes so incredibly French. Just like certain things make America so American. But I can understand from people, because Disney is American that they expect it to be more American than French.

Walt Disney Company Sells Disneyland Paris

When Disneyland opened more than two decades ago it was under the rule of The Walt Disney Company. But due to bad visitors amounts and not enough money coming in, Walt Disney Company sold Disneyland Paris.

A new company took over and they vowed to get Disneyland Paris out of it’s almost bankrupt state. Decades later they finally started to get a profit. But the problem was that they did not invest at all in the parks to make it better for the price you had to pay. With the exception of the Walt Disney Studios park the resort was a bit of a bubble caught in time.

There is something great about something that is stuck in time, it feels like it’s original and your childhood memories will be satisfied. But the problem also was that there was almost no maintenance done to keep everything magical. The rides were all safe, but when you see that paint was chipping away, that does ruin some of the magic.

Cast Members

The company that took over did not put as much effort in educating their cast members as they should have. With the news coming out that the cast members were so unhappy that they even considered suicide didn’t make it any better for guest satisfaction.

I can imagine that if your workplace is treating you bad that you won’t be the happiest self you could have been. And especially what the guest expects you to be.

Walt Disney Company Takes Over

25 years after the initial opening of Disneyland Paris, The Walt Disney Company decided that it was enough and wanted to take the magical place in France back and make it what it should have been.

They bought up all the shares for the highest price and vowed to pump in 3.2 billion dollar to make Disneyland Paris the place it deserved to be. They announced that they would also use that money to expand Walt Disney Studios so that it would be worth a visit. They also vowed to improve guest relations with their Cast Members.

Is the service better?

On my last trip I did not notice any bad things, sure there were things that could have been better, but let’s be honest, there will always be something that could be better.
My own experience with their guest relations was really good. They even went out of their way to have a Dutch speaking person checking me into my hotel room.

In the parks they were really helpful and even supporting to me with all my questions and tried to do their best to help me. When I wanted to upgrade my Annual Pass to the highest pass, they gave me all the help in the world. When I went to the Annual Pass Bureau they even made a comment about my shirt, making me feel that I was among fans of Disney and not just employees.

I’ve spend five days in the happiest place in Europe after the Walt Disney Company took over and I can safely say that everything is better now, yes you can have other experiences, but take note that this is not the US and there won’t be any fake smiles here. But service will be quite the same if you keep a positive mind when asking for assistance.


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