Disneybounding as a couple

Disneybounding is a lot of fun. Doing that with someone else is even more fun. From planning your cooperative disneybound to actually doing it, it will be something fun to do with friends or your loved one. Let’s explore what it is to be Disneybounding as a couple.

What is Disneybounding?

A lot of people know about cosplay but only a little know about the magic of Disneybounding. Instead of being the exact copy of a character you use fashion to resemble the character as if you would run into them in the store.

It all started because of the rule that adults cannot dress up in the Disney Resorts. That of course made a lot of grown ups sad. So people started to get creative and made it where they used ordinary fashion to create their “costume” of their dreams.

Disneybounding as a Couple

We’ve been taught by Disney from a young age that romance is a great thing, and what would be greater than discovering your love by dressing up as your favorite characters? There are so many character couples to choose from, for me and My Disney Princess it is Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. We have been searching for a month to find our perfect outfits for it and we have everything together for our upcoming Disney trip!

This will bring a whole new meaning to your relationship, because you are not only using romance to spice things up, you will find new fashion that might make you fall in love with each other all over again.

Leo Camacho & Sarah Sterling

But it’s not just for romantic lovers, friends can do this as well, and it will bring you closer as friends. The planning out of your outfits is so much fun and you should strive to become the best Disney buddies trough Disneybounding.

Don’t go overboard

When going for a Disneybound remember to use KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid. The details is what it makes it a great Disneybound. Use the vibrant color schemes to your advantage. Maybe go with a reverse Disneybound and wear the top in the color the pants should be in.

But don’t go for over the top wedding dresses, how much fun that would be, but don’t confuse children. Because destroying dreams is not something you should aim for.

There are a lot of “slutty” versions of Disney characters in Halloween shops, and those costumes are definitely not something to wear as a Disneybound. It is already a costume, but it is also really revealing. Disney is made for families, so keep it PG and don’t destroy family dreams by wanting to reveal a little too much.


Gender Bend Disneybound

One of the great ways to do a Disneybound as a couple is to gender bend the roles. Why can’t the guy be Snow White? You don’t need to wear a dress being the guy here, but then again, why shouldn’t you be able to wear a dress as a guy?

I’ve been thinking of a Merida Gender Bend Disneybound in two kind of ways. One is a grunge way.


Or in a more traditional way with a blue kilt. Both ways are great to do, but I prefer the grunge look because I’m a musician and I love the grunge look and feel.


Disneybounding is so much fun to prepare, I would suggest that every Disney couple would look into this new world of excitement and fashion. You see a lot of woman do Disneybounds but I’m convinced that guys like me would love to do it to!
Being in a Disneybound couple is great, it’s something you can share and dream about in the months before you go back to the most magical place on earth, your home.


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