Adult Disney: Pre-trip Mania

In 2 days me and My Disney Princess are going to Disneyland Paris for the first time together. It has been almost 20 years for her and it has been 2 years for me. I’ve been planning this trip since the moment we started dating, yes I am that kind of romantic, and I don’t even care that my friends call me crazy!


The days before your Disney Trip are the days where you are pumped up with so much excitement that every other moment feels like you are going to explode! Your heart is racing, your head is filled with Disney songs. Everything reminds you that in only a matter of days you will be going to Disney!

I’ve been listening to so much Disney music on my daily commute, and also I have been binge watching my favorite Disney YouTuber called Justin Scarred.

Sharing your excitement

We have not only been sharing our excitement with each other but also with our Disney friends on Instagram. This morning My Disney Princess has shared a video of her excitement and telling all of our Disney friends about our upcoming trip. I thought I was excited, wait until you see the video!

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To crazy about going to Disneyland Paris in 2 days time!! 🤩🎉💖 #disney #disneymagic #disneydream #disneydate #disneyland #disneylandparis #dlp #disneycrazed #excited #disneycupcakes #disneycouple #disneylove #disneylifestyle #birthday #wishuponastar #pretrip

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I never thought I would meet someone who was so into Disney as I am, who is just as excited for a Disney trip as I am. And I am so blessed that I did!

pre-trip plans

My Disney Princess’s her birthday will be tomorrow and unfortunately I have to work. But that won’t stop me from getting up early and going to see her on her birthday. When we started dating she told me that she didn’t have a proper birthday in at least 8 years.

I couldn’t stand that. So I planned the perfect birthday bash. I cannot go into details because I know that My Disney Princess will be reading this and that she couldn’t look away if I told her to close this blog at this very second.

See! She is still here! Love your curiosity!
So I can’t go into details, but there are some hidden surprises here and there. I mean, if you know me even a little you know that I love to think of surprises that will make somebodies day, week or even their year. I’ll go far to make a surprise legendary, even if I have to make one big ruse out of it. I just love to see her face when she gets all excited!

Our Pre-Trip Plans

Our train leaves first thing in the morning to Disneyland Paris from Schiphol Airport, and because it leaves so early I’m a bit scared that we will not make it and it would ruin our trip. But that’s why we thought of a plan to make it work.

We don’t live together and to make sure we are both at the right time at the train I invited My Disney Princess to stay over for the night so we can catch an early train to the airport. But because I have to work it until midnight she would have caught the last train to come to my place.

So tomorrow morning while I’m coming over to celebrate her birthday, I’m also dropping off my keys so she can come to my place after she put her son to sleep and her parents will be the babysitters for the next 2 days.

I wonder if we will get any sleep when I get home because of all the excitement for our trip, but to be full on Disney we will need to be on our A game. So sleep will be had, no hanky panky for us, straight to sleep and get some rest!

Train Ride

We are taking the special Disneyland Paris Thalys train to Disneyland Paris and that will take us 3 hours and 15 minutes to get there. And because we have some extra time to spend My Disney Princess has made plans for an awesome brunch on the train.

A brunch won’t fill up 3 hours of course, so we are downloading a couple of Disney movies for us to watch on the train to do some pre-trip excitement. I wonder how much more excited we can get? Only time will tell!


Because we are arriving at 11 o clock in the morning, we are first going to our hotel to see if we can get in our room. Officially we cannot enter our room before 3 p.m. but it has happened before that the room is already available.

Because we are Disneybounding it would be best if we could get in our room, but if not the hotel toilets will be fine as a dressing room. Wouldn’t be the first time I had to use a toilet as a dressing room, as a small time musician and actor you cannot expect to have your own green room, but toilets are fine too…

Arriving at the main gates of Disney

I already have our Disney tickets so we don’t have to wait inline to get our tickets. We will only be attending the main park this trip, and when we have our annual passes we will be attending both parks. Or when Marvel lands opens, I need to see Marvel land as soon as it’s ready. I’m a huge Marvel geek!

It’s a magical moment to be walking under the train station and into Mainstreet U.S.A. and seeing that magical castle at the end of the street. And because it has been 20 years for My Disney Princess, I want her to experience her first time as an adult again. She will need to close her eyes and trust me that I won’t be running her into people. But the moment that she will be opening her eyes will be so amazingly magical.

I must not forget to film that exact moment, it will be a memory that I will never want to forget. Our first Disney trip and her first look onto Mainstreet U.S.A. and the castle I so much love!

From there on it will be even more excitement and fun to be had! I cannot wait to be there with my true love!


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