Going to Disneyland Paris Today

This might be recognizable, you can’t sleep because you are going to Disneyland. Scared that you will sleep trough the alarm and miss your train. That’s why I’m awake right now 20 minutes before my alarm goes off.


I had to work last night and all my colleagues knew I was going to Disney. There weren’t 5 minutes that I wasn’t reminded that I was going to Disney. My colleagues were pretty jealous of me. And they knew how important Disney is for me, so they were also really happy for me.

I managed to go home one and an half hour before my shift was done. The plan was that My Disney Princess would be at my place before I would get home. But because I managed to get off of work we arrived at the train station almost at the same time.

When I welcomed My Disney Princess when her train arrived she said: “I feel like my trip had already started”. And I had the same feeling. We just had to sleep a couple of hours. But man we were excited.

It’s not six hours later, and my excitement hasn’t stopped yet, although I am pretty tired!

Not enough sleep

Man sleeping before a Disney trip is something that is so difficult it should be a Disney challenge. The anticipation is killing me! But knowing that I would be in the train in less than 2 hours makes me feel like a young school girl.

Luckily I can still catch some sleep on the train. It will be a three hour train ride from Amsterdam Airport to Disneyland Paris, so there could be an hour that my eyes are closed, but I doubt it. I can feel the excitement rise, from my toes to my hair. I am so ready!

I’m going right now!

So I’m going to cut this blog short, because It’s 45 minutes before I have to leave my apartment. Last couple of things have to be done and we will be on the train to the airport to catch the Thalys to Paris.

Oh man, the stories I will tell when we are back! We will see you at the other side!


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