Disneybounding: The Perfect Photo Shoot

We just came back from Disneyland Paris and we took around 400 pictures in 2 days time. That might sound like that we only looked at the magic trough our lenses. But that isn’t even true, we just enjoyed the magic so much that we took pictures whenever we saw magic.
If you want to see the most of our photo’s we took, please come check our Instagram.

Starting the photo shoot

We only had two days to do our Disneybounding photo shoot, celebrate My Disney Princesses birthday, go on as many rides as we could. So the days were packed and we didn’t have a lot of room to not shoot pictures all the time. But to be honest, that was exactly what we wanted to do. So no harm there.

We wore our comfy clothes when we traveled by train to Disneyland Paris, and we had to check in at hotel, but we couldn’t get into the room yet until 3 p.m. So we did what I’ve been doing for over a decade with my bands, we did a “costume change” in the toilets of the hotel.

The first day we went as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. That was really special to us because we connect so much with them. In our own lives and for our relationship.

I filmed the moment we went into the park because it was the first time in 20 years that she visited Disneyland Paris. So it was important to me to capture her genuine reaction on seeing Mainstreet and the castle for the first time. She even did the Rapunzel thing when Rapunzel sees the castle in the movie.

Rapunzel in Alice in Wonderland.
Rapunzel in Alice in Wonderland.

Almost every location in Disneyland Paris is a photo shoot location. Every corner shows an adventure ready for your Disneybound to shine. So it was really fun to just say to each other: “Go stand there” or “Go strike a pose there, that would be amazing!”.

Flynn Rider embarking on a new adventure
Flynn Rider embarking on a new adventure

It is crazy how the details will make your Disneybound pop on the screen. Even though you are not wearing a costume but clothing based on characters, your clothing will fit in so nicely!

Day 2

On the second day we went as Ariel and Prince Eric. And even though we felt really good with our first Rapunzel and Flynn Rider Disneybounds, This was the one we felt was perfect.

Because the entrance of the park was so busy, we decided to go to the on-site Disney Hotels. And what better place to start than Newport Bay?

Ariel in her element near the water
Ariel in her element near the water

Making that decision made it so much more fun to get into your “role” as the character. You start feeling special and that you belong. We are pretty down to earth people, but to get that feeling is something that you don’t feel everyday. So we decided to take it all the way and just go with it!

I’ve never been inside the Disneyland Hotel in Disneyland Paris, and I know that it has some amazing photo opportunities. So I wanted a picture of her on the famous staircase. But then it dawned on me, why not make a video?

So I told her to get on top of the stairs and walk down. This made a magical scene and together with the music I am very pleased on how this has turned out to be.

Even the hotels are great for photo opportunities. They create a kind of magic that is so close to someone and yet so grandiose. In the parks you might need to wait a couple of minutes to get a picture without anyone else in the picture. But at the Hotels you can take your time to get the perfect pictures without much interference.

Walking around the Disneyland Hotel
Walking around the Disneyland Hotel

The most magical moment came when we were doing a little shoot in fantasy land and we got a very much unexpected guest coming out of a door next to My Disney Princess.

Two Ariel's meeting each other for the first time
Two Ariel’s meeting each other for the first time

Ariel complimented My Disney Princess on her dress and My Disney Princess got really star struck. She totally didn’t expect her favorite Disney Princess would come out the door right next to her. She also didn’t expect Ariel to compliment her on her dress. Ariel even complimented her on bringing her own Prince Eric.
That was an amazing experience that could not have been better.

Prince Eric in his element.
Prince Eric in his element.


These two days couldn’t have gone any better. We made amazing pictures and we are proud on our achievements that we made. We can’t wait to come back with new Disneybounds and bring our dreams come true once again.


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