First time Disneybounding

I went to Disneyland Paris with My Disney Princess and we dedicated ourselves to Disneybound.

Kind of scary

I like to compare it to dressing up for going on stage. You want to look the best you have ever done but it’s also something that people recognize.

With ant performance it’s kinda scary to get out there for the first time. It’s not like all eyes will be on you while you “preform” your Disneybound, but people will give looks.

But just like getting on stage, you will get more comfortable in time. You should not care about the looks people give you, because you do this for you and nobody else.

The good looks

You will get a lot of looks of apreciation and recognition. At Disneyland you will find countless of Disney fans and they will apreciate it so much.

I know I did when I saw a perfect snow white Disneybound. And I also spotted a Gravity Falls Disneybound. Gravity falls is not as well known as Snow White, so with such a Disneybound you really can get under the radar.

The bad looks

Not everyone will apreciate your extravagant looks. And you shouldnt care for them. If they dont like it then more power to them. But we love our Disneybounding!

As a couple

I was surprised about how good it felt to do this as a couple. It feels so romantic, like you are dating as not yourself, but then again like your true self.

Our relationship is based on a lot of trust and we believe that we shouldnt be jealous if someone gives a look at you or compliments you. In the end of the day you will always be there together. A Disney relationship is something to cherish.

I got a lot of looks from girls. I noticed themooking directly at me. When I told My Disney Princess she told me: “Enjoy it, I’m happy that they think you are handsome, because you are my handsome prince”

Would I do it again?

Well we are planning our next Disneybounds as we speak. It’s such a nice touch to your Disneytrip. Just some extra effort to celibrate your happiest and most magical place on earth.

I think every fan of Disney should atleast think about it!


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