Disney Dining: Silver Spur Steakhouse

On this trip that I took with My Disney Princess we went to fancy restaurant called Silver Spur Steakhouse. You can imagine that, implied by the name, you can buy the best steak in town. And I can honestly say that it is indeed magical.

The smell of charcoal and BBQ

The moment you step foot into the Silver Spur Steakhouse you know that you have stepped into a fancy western restaurant. The smell of charcoal and BBQ hits you in your face while western music goes into your ears as a ear worm that will never leave you.


You see the open kitchen right in front of you where the chefs are very busy preparing everyone’s steak dinners. I made a reservation earlier because I wanted to be sure to have a seat in this amazing restaurant for the birthday of My Disney Princess. So I checked in at the front of the house and with less than a 5 minute wait time, we were being escorted to our table.

At our table we were greeted by a very cheerful waitress who made sure we were welcome. She took our order and My Disney Princess thought it was a good idea to make a joke about me wanting my steak well done. I told her previously that I thought that a steak should never be ordered well done, so she thought it would be funny.

Lucky for her the waitress played along and after I panicky told her that I would rather have my steak Medium-Rare she said: “Ok sir, well done it is”. It was pretty funny how the waitress played along with My Disney Princess, and it shows that she has fun in her job and wants her guests to have a good time.

Bread without butter

Now, here was a thing that raised our eyebrows, but only a minor inconvenience. When we got our bread we did not get any butter with it. Maybe it’s not a French thing to get some butter or garlic butter with your bread. But we do prefer some extra to our bread delight.

When I asked for some butter we got it immediately, but the butter was so cold that we imagined it just got out of a very cold refrigerator. It was so cold that it was impossible to spread it. Again minor inconvenience, but it is something to be critical about when you consider how much you pay.


We both ordered a Caesar Salad. Ever since I went to the US on holiday I started loving Caesar salads. It gives me the taste of vacation every time I eat a good one. The only complaint My Disney Princess had was that it was served with huge leafs of salad. She prefers her salads to be chopped up, but with a bit of manual labor she didn’t mind doing, she enjoyed her salad very much. I loved mine as well. It tasted fresh and crunchy, just the way I love it!

Main Course

The main course was amazing. It was a different kind of steak we both were used to. It had more of a bite than we normally would have, but the taste was amazing. Writing about it, the taste comes back up and I feel my mouth watering again. With a side of potato chips it felt like a complete meal.


The Price

Now comes the big part of eating at Disney. Maybe you could say the huge part. Because the bill was rather huge. two salads, four cokes and two steak meals rang up to 83 Euro. That is roughly 90 dollars.

Would I eat there again? Yes, I would most definitely eat there again. Next time I will have an annual pass and we will get some discount. But would I pay full price again? Yes I definitely would again.


At Disney you pay for your location. And this restaurant was in one of my most favorite locations. You walk into Frontier land, towards The Phantom Manor and there is the Silver Spur Steak House on your left. It really feels like you will be dining in a Frontier city restaurant. When you go out of the restaurant, you feel that you are in the magic again right away, even somewhat adventurous. You could keep the Frontier magic in by going into Big Thunder Mountain or The Phantom Manor. Luckily you will have some queuing time to digest your meal, or else you might eat your meal twice!


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