Casey’s Corner Disneyland Paris

On our first day we had dinner reservations at The Silver Spur Steakhouse at 8 p.m. But when it was 4 p.m. out tummies were rumbling so we opted to get a snack, so off to Casey’s corner we went!

The legend

For me and a lot of other people, Casey’s corner is kind of a legend. Where else can you buy a real hotdog in Europe? So when we were looking for a snack this Casey’s corner came to mind.

It’s a beautiful shop at the end of mainstreet. As a little boy I always wanted to eat there. But my parents were smart enough to pack lunches. Man Disney has expensive food!

As an adult I ofcourse want to do everything I couldn’t as a child. And one thing is eating the food at Disneyland I wasnt alowed before. Call it immature, I call it the Peter Pan complex.

Long lines

We were 6th in line of 3 equally long lines. We went around the time of a parade, so that was ofcourse a faux pas on our part. But we went with it anyway, we were starving!

I work in the fast food business myself at the famous golden arches. So I know the struggle with long lines and the pressure. So I am willing to wait a bit on my food and give the cast members a break.

With only 6 real items on the menu I was questioning why it was taking so long. We waited 20+ minutes in a 6 man que to get our order in. That is quite a delay. But again, I get it, I really do.

Out of nowhere these guys cut in line and get their already ordered food checked out and changed. They had such a bad attitude. Anyone can make mistakes, clearly these people didnt think so.

The service

When we did finally got to the front our service was defenitly good. We could notice that our server appreciated how cheery we were and he helped us with a smile. We really appreciated that knowing the people that he had to help before us.

He tried to help us as good as he could with his thick French accent and we got our order in as fast as a jiffy.

Everything was bagged for us right away and we got paper straws and a paper bag. Disney recently went almost full plastic free, so it was cool to see it in full effect.

The food itself

When we got the food it was actually really good! The buns tasted fresh, the meat was hot and the drink was cold. It basically ticked all check marks of what we expected from a hot dog lunch.

The sauces were free, I think the Netherlands is the only place where you pay extra for it.

We didnt take seat in the restaurant itself but we opted for a bench in Frontierland.

The buns tasted incredibly fresh, the meat was hot and the drink was cold. Everything we wanted for a lunch. But a 24 euro lunch could have had a bit more for the price.


Would I eat there again? I do love hotdogs and I do love mainstreet. So I think I will eat there again, but I might check out other fast food options.


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