Being a Disney Family

I grew up in a Disney Family. Sunday mornings with all the Disney movies I wanted to see. Vacations to Disneyworld and Disneyland Paris. I didnt just grow up to love Disney, I was born with the Disney gene.

Starting my own

For years I thought I’d never find my Disney partner. Years and years I walked the road depressed, thinking I never could have a Disney family of my own.

But last year I wished upon a star, and there she was. My damsel in distress. I’ve known her for over a decade, always had a crush on her but we lost contact when we lived in separate worlds. But somehow our paths crossed again.

She was married to a man who was not good for her. A prince hans in my eyes, someone who pretended to be there for her and their son, had bad intentions in my eyes. So being grown up with the Disney gene in my body, I had to rescue my teen hood friend.

She didnt just leave her husband for me, she listened to my advice and opened her eyes that she and her son deserved so much better. She called up her parents and she moved back to her parents. She needed time to process this and I vowed to give her all the time she needed.

But we made a promise to eachother, we would become the Disney family we both wanted to be. And from that day we started working on it.

Being a stepdad to a Disney son

I get a lot of praise from friends and colleagues to be willing to raise a kid whom is not my own. One friend said it with the best words ever:

“You know why they call it a stepdad right? It’s a dad who is willing to step up”

Not going to lie, that got me very emotional. Because I am willing to step up, being the role model that he deserves, give him the love that he deserves. When he looks at me I want him to envision Hercules trying to be the best at what he does, I want him to look at me and see prince Eric giving all the romance to his mom.

I want to be his role model for everything in his life. I want to let him see that you need to go all the way to make people happy. I want him to see that you need to do hard work so you can achieve your dreams. I want him to see the perfect dad when he looks to me.

He accepts me as his dad

Last weekend we had the best weekend ever. He is autistic, but does show feelings and emotions, he just cant talk full sentences. But when I picked him and his mom up from the train station he had the biggest smile. He was the happiest kid in the world at that moment, because he knew we were going to spend time together.

His mom told me that the only one he reacted similarly was to his biological father. So it seems that he sees me as his new father now.

Singing and movie watching

My Disney Son loves watching cars, so a while back we watched Cars as a family. He never really has the patience to watch a full movie, but he watches this one from start to credits.

Sitting there with his mom in my arms made me the happiest man in life. I finally found what I have been looking for in a decade.

I often put on Disney music because I know My Disney Princess loves to sing. I love to sing aswel, I might not be axle rose, but I come by good enough. So we often sing a song together.

It reminds me of how we met. We met almost 15 years ago on stage where she sang “A Whole New World”. I was so blown away by her voice that I had to introduce myself. Luckily I had to share the same stage so that wasnt a problem. I saw her watching my instrumental guitar and drums performance. So after that we talked and we started to make music together.

Now almost 15 years later we are a Disneybounding Disney family. Strange how things turn out to be.

Ready for the future

I’m so ready to tackle everything that comes on the road to the future. Bring all the hardship, bring all the good times. Because for once in over a decade I know my life will become what I wanted out of it.

I know I will marry my Disney Princess, and I really want to be the adoptive father of our Disney son. But first we need to enjoy our little family like it is. Work hard on our future and make it our dream future.

If you are reading this and you think: “This could never happen to me”. Believe me I’ve been there, I stopped believing, I was ready to end it all. But one night I wished upon a star and my wish came true. Hang in there, work hard and keep dreaming and believing.


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