Adult Disney: A Disney future together

Being in a Disney couple means that you both love Disney so much you want it in your everyday life. But how to go by without being a Disney hoarder or that couple nobody wants to be with?

Planning a future

Me and My Disney Princess have been dating for 8 months now. And in those 8 months we’ve become the closest couple I’ve ever been in. I’ve noticed that compared to my other relationships that they were more friends with benefits than the real deal.

This is what I always wanted in life. Someone to be your partner in crime, someone who holds you when you go trough some issues. Someone that will always be there for you.

So starting a future together is the right idea. Investing in a life together and planning every step for it.

When we started dating My Disney Princess just left her husband. She told me that she would never remarry or have another kid and that I should respect that. And i did. I never seen myself married to someone or having my own kid.

But now that we are planning a future together we often speak of a marriage, honeymoon, a little kid that shares both our DNA. The whole 9 yards of a married couple.

Dreaming together

For our future to become our true definition of love, we often dream away from the future. However we promised eachother to not just dream and stand still. We are going to dream and make those dreams come true.

One of our dreams recently came true when I took My Disney princess to Disneyland Paris. She even met her favorite Disney princess by surprise! A dream could not have been fulfilled any better!

Raising a Disney kid together

Like I already said, My Disney princess has a son, although he does not share any of my blood or DNA I still want to raise him as my own. He is such an awesome little fellow. Always excited to see me, always grabbing my hand to play with him.

Just last week I was holding one of my earliest Disney memories, a Disney baseball. And when our little Disney kid saw that he immediately wanted it. And my God, he wanted to play catch with me.

I’m a romantic soul, and this did melt my heart. A little autistic kid who cant speak full sentences yet, and me not being his biological father, wanted to play catch with him.

That made me even more wanting to be his step dad. I want to see him grow up to be this awesome little dude. I dont care what his sexual orientation will be, I do care that me and my Disney Princess will be his romantic role models.

The future

Our future will bring us awesome adventures, and there will be hurdles to overcome. But I know we can work out everything. I’ve never been there for the long run, but I’m here till the very end!


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