Adult Disney: getting over the Disney Blues

Everybody who has been to a Disney themepark has had some sort of Disney Blues. It’s a state of mind where you miss Disney a lot to where you want to pack your bags and go back right away. But how to battle it?


My Disney trip was the most romantic trip I’ve ever had. It was a perfect world where anything was possible and nothing was bad.

Right now I’m laying on my couch writing this and for the millionth time my memories go back to the place I’d like to be again with My Disney Princess.

The memories keep the dream going. It keeps me sane from not knowing when I’ll go again. It’s the best memories I have right now.


Just like during my pre-trip I like to listen to all the Disney songs over and over. Sing them with My Disney Princess, and listen to them on my commute to work.

Having the UP soundtrack played by my Google Assistant in the back takes me back to Mainstreet USA. Recently we were laying on bed with the music from up and we both dreamed back to that moment. It’s such a powerful memory for us, it battles our urge to go back.


I try to watch Disney movies as much as I can anyway, but the feeling of being whisk away to my favorite place in the world really battle the Disney Blues.

Maybe its denial, maybe its escapism. But being preoccupied with Disney movies is a great feeling. Soon we will have Disney+ to fuel my Disney addiction which will be a great way to fuel my battle of the Disney Blues.

Photo book

My Disney Princess has made a photo book for me to remember this amazing trip. I look into it and I feel it again. The love, the excitement and the memories.

Nowadays we have Instagram and facebook acting as our photo books, but having a physical memory is great.


Having things to remember your trip will not cure your Disney Blues. Because let’s face it, we are heavily addicted to Disney. But it will cope with our withdrawal of Disney. Do you have a way of coping with your Disney Blues? Let me know! I would love to hear about your ideas!


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