Hard Rock Cafe Disney Village

In the last couple of weeks there have been rumours that The Hard Rock Cafe will be coming to Disneyland Paris. Recently a pop up shop opened up in Disney Village, so my hopes and dreams have been kind of confirmed. So will there be a Hard Rock Cafe Disney Village? Pop up Hard Rock … Continue reading Hard Rock Cafe Disney Village


Disney Fashion is everywhere!

Not a day has gone by that I haven't loved Disney fashion. It's fun and brings the best of memories back. Lately I've noticed that Disney fashion is everywhere and I'm very well pleased with it. Because why not make the world a more happy place? Show your love to a brand that you adore … Continue reading Disney Fashion is everywhere!

Disney Love, What is it?

We've all been in love, we've all experienced puppy love. But what is the difference between "normal love" and Disney love? Now that I'm in my first real Disney Relationship I'd like to find out. And from what I've noticed, there are differences. So the question is; Disney Love, what is it? "Did you know … Continue reading Disney Love, What is it?

New Ship Name Revealed: Disney Cruise WIsh

This just in, Disney finally revealed the name of their new Cruise Line Ship! It's been publicly known that Disney was busy building new cruise ships because of the popularity over the last couple of years. 3 New ships are being build and the first name is in! Now with the new ship name revealed; … Continue reading New Ship Name Revealed: Disney Cruise WIsh

Wish Upon A Star Logo 2.0

My wish upon a star came true

A couple of days ago I knew that my wish upon a star came true. This is going to be a very personal story and I hope you will like reading about a succes story. Because man, my life is different now. My wish upon a star When my life was rock bottom right into … Continue reading My wish upon a star came true

D23 everything you need to know!

If you've never heard of D23, have no fear, a lot of people have never heard of it. But for a Disney fan it is the most anticipated event in the world. At D23 all the new things for the upcoming years are revealed. But it is so much more! Let's discover it together! Let … Continue reading D23 everything you need to know!

DIY Inspired Disney Cruise Line Minnie Ears

Minnie Ears Are More Than Fashion

Everyone who has been to a Disney Theme Park knows that girls love Minnie Ears, much more than guys loving Mickey Ears. I think the ears are more than just a piece of fashion, they can be statements or great memories. Let's discover more about them. Great DIY project My Disney Princess loves creating things, … Continue reading Minnie Ears Are More Than Fashion

Wish Upon A Star is Growing!

For this blog I want to be more personal and tell you more about Wish Upon A Star. If you read this then you are probably following my blog and I want to say I appreciate your daily/weekly/monthly reading so much! You are the reason why we can go on with our concept. It all … Continue reading Wish Upon A Star is Growing!

Disney+ Launching November 12th

A while back I shared the news that Disney+ would launch in The Netherlands first. This turned out to be a rumour. Now Disney has announced on their D23 event that it will be launching, and also start right away in The Netherlands. I'm more than excited by this news! The library of dreams The … Continue reading Disney+ Launching November 12th