Growing up as a Disney Dude

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s meant that I grew up with some of the best Disney stories out there. I grew up in the Disney renaissance with movies like The Lion King and Aladdin. But it also meant I grew up with a brand that focuses on empowerment of woman instead of men. How did that affect me as a Disney Dude?


When you grew up exactly like I did you definitely spend your Sunday mornings with a Disney movie and some awesome breakfast. A lot of Disney movies feature a damsel in distress that learns how to take care of her problems without the help of a man. Because Disney believes that woman are equally as strong as men, which of course is true, atleast in my opinion.

So I learned from a young age that anyone can solve any problem they find on their own. My parents were avid believers that children should try every possible solution until going to their parents for advice or help. Basically being a Disney parent. Even though the Disney movies focused mainly on woman solving problems, I saw it as inspiration.

I also understand the struggles of woman better. That’s why I understand why My Disney Princess wants to solve her own problems before asking me for help. She wants to feel empowered just as much as I do, and it results in us both being really stubborn.
But stubbornness isn’t a bad thing. You want to find a solution that fits you, even if you have to move a mountain to do it. In the end you feel satisfied that it worked out.

Accepting who I am

In my last blog I talked a lot about how I was taught to “be a man” by society. But I am not your normal car loving dude. I am a Disney Dude. Disney taught me to embrace my emotions and use it to better my life. This isn’t always easy for me as I am hyper emotional and can break down crying when I am having a really bad day.

But that’s who I am. In a recent blog I wrote about my Disney Sexuality and how I finally feel comfortable showing who I really am. Because if girls and woman can be whoever they are, why can’t a man not be that Gaston type man who loves football and cars? I do still really see me as a Gaston, but not on an emotional level.

I am who I am and nobody can change me. I can fight the demons who try to change me and make myself even stronger because of it. That’s what Disney taught me. Empower myself to become the best version of myself that I can love being who I am.

Expensive vacations

Being a Disney Dude also means that my vacation ideas are really expensive. I’d rather spend a week in a Disney resort than on a beach with twenty thousand people who are there to party and have sex. I’d rather be in a hotel where I can feel like I’m whisked away to adventure than a vacation where I pay a lot of money because a lot of people go there because it’s popular.

I often hear people say that you should do at least a vacation of two weeks to a place. But I’d rather go five days to a Disney resort and fully recharge than be stressed out because I can’t get enough sleep because there are drunken idiots everywhere.

Being a Disney Dad

Because I grew up a Disney Dude, I want to be a Disney dad. Recently I became a step dad to an amazing kid. The kid of My Disney Princess is now my step son, because I stepped up to the plate when he needed a role model. I want him to grow up like I did, and not worry that his autism would be in the way, but rather be his strength like my HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) would be my strength.

I want him to feel safe to come to me with whatever he needs. He needs to be able to make his own mistakes, get inspired by Disney stories that we all love. He needs to be his own little man in the shape and form he wants to.

He loves to jump and especially on the bed, because who doesn’t love jumping on a bed? So I started to memorize the lyrics to the Tigger song. Now every time he bounces like Tigger I start singing the Tigger song and he gets the biggest smile on his face. It warms my heart that he reacts so good to songs.

During our German Disney Adventure we wanted to make brushing teeth a normal part of the day. But he wasn’t having it, so I thought of what could help. I used the “Finger Family” song with teeth brushing lyrics to calm him down and there he was, brushing his own teeth! I felt like a real Marry Poppins, using a song to make something that you don’t want to do into a fun chore.

So now I’m trying to think up more songs to get him to enjoy little things he previously didn’t want to. Memorizing everything I loved about my childhood and using it to give him an amazing childhood. It really is the little things that make life worth living.

I hope in 25 years he will remember the things we did when he was a kid and see how he will use it in his own life, maybe with his own family. Think of the times we spend and use it to inspire another person. Like my parents started for me.


Because that is what it is for me being a Disney Dude, inspiring others to be aware of our child hoods and not forget about the lessons that we learned from Disney and our parents. Become the best version of yourself and work hard to get there. Enjoy the little things and the big things as they come along our life.

I hope that I have inspired you to stop and look back at your own child hood and think of how awesome it was to be raised a Disney kid. Watching the movies and learning the lessons it taught us.


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