Visiting a Disney Cruise in my home town

Today me and My Disney Princess are visiting our shared home town to see the Disney Cruise Ship The Disney Magic. And we couldn’t be more excited!

You can read about the actual visit here!

Being a cruise veteran

I’ve been on a couple of cruises in my day with my parents and I’ve loved every second of it. Now that I’m a Peter Pan complexed adult male who is with the love of his life, I could not want to be more on a Disney cruise more!

I’ve been to the Bahamas and southern Europe on cruises and that gave me “the cruise bug”. From the moment my feet touched land I couldn’t wait to go back on a ship again, and to this day I still can’t.

Choosing Disney

Why choosing Disney when there are more affordable options? Being a Disney nut and being born in the late 80s I’ve been raised with the knowledge of Disney cruises excistance.

I want my vacation to be worry free and be blown away to some sea bound adventure with Disney princesses and other characters. Why not spend your hard earned cash on something that you dreamed of your whole life?

Not everyone convinced

When you talk to people who have never done a cruise before they will say one thing in particular: “A cruise is nothing for me”.

So let me get this straight. You don’t want to be on a luxurious ship that is all included for some romantic Titanic moments? I don’t get it that people don’t want to spend enormous amounts of money on a vacation. But every once in a while you should be able to treat yourself.

Experiencing my first Disney cruise ship

We wont be able to go on board but we will try our best to get the best experience achievable. The sky is the limit in our believe.

Just being around it gives me the chills and that it came to Amsterdam again makes it feel like my little town of tourists becomes more Disney for a day.

I will keep you posted on a new blog tomorrow!


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