Visiting The Disney Magic In Amsterdam

Reporting to you directly life from about 200 meters from the Disney Magic in a local Subway Diner. We just spend a lot of time taking pictures for our Instagram of the Disney Magic, and we had an absolute blast doing so!

It’s so huge!

While I waited for My Disney Princess to meet with me at Amsterdam Central Station, I could not help but take a little peek at the Disney Magic while it is in my Home Town. Amsterdam Central Station is located next to the biggest canal of Amsterdam, the Northsea canal, where big ships can pass trough. And I can’t say enough; that ship is huge! It’s actually gargantuan, it dwarfs all the other ships passing trough.

Disney Magic landed in the port of Amsterdam
The Disney Magic in the Port of Amsterdam

I’ve been on cruises before and they were equally as big. But there being a Disney ship in my home town makes it so much more special! It was our goal to get on it, but because of security reasons we couldn’t. But be sure that we will be on it next year on a guided tour! We are determined to show you all that is The Disney Magic and the other Disney Cruises.


We boldly, like any Amsterdammer would do, went into the Passenger Terminal to take some awesome pictures. We wanted to be close to the ship and we saw the opportunity to go up some stairs, so we did. We joked that if they didn’t want us there, they could call us down.


At that very moment while ascending the stairs we hear: “We have a security breach!”. Surprised and tiny bit scared we looked down upon a laughing security guard. He had heard everything we said and decided to make a little fun with us. We asked if it was OK if we took some pictures and he said it was alright if we paid him 5 Euro. We all recognized that we were all locals from Amsterdam. I jokingly replied: “I’ll do you one better, I’ll give you 1 Euro instead!”

Disney security was really relaxed about us taking pictures. My Disney Princess even got a selfie with the Disney Security Officer on site. While she waited to take a picture with him the first security guard asked if we were going on the ship, but she replied we couldn’t because this wasn’t a port to get on and he agreed that it wasn’t allowed, but that it would be fun if we could.

Disney Security

The Disney Security Officer had finished what he was doing My Disney Princess asked him for the selfie. He was really surprised and did not expect that question at all, which makes the selfie even more awesome! He was happy to have the picture taken with her and even gave a very big smile to go with it!

Selfie with a Disney Security Officer
Selfie with Disney Security

I’ve got to give my compliments to the staff. They were so friendly, and a big thanks to our new friend Rizalde for allowing this awesome selfie!

Details are king

At first you won’t notice a lot of the detail on the ship, until you go look for them. When we looked at the backside, we noticed a big goofy statue hanging down like Goofy was tasked to touch up the art on the ship. Nothing can be more Disney. You almost expect it to be there, but you will still be surprised that it is featured in such an awesome way.

Goofy touching up the Disney Magic Logo
Goofy touching up the Disney Magic Logo

The colors of the ship are perfect and you recognize it right away as a Disney ship, while not being tacky or over the top. It is the perfect amount of details which makes it the perfect Disney vessel.

Mickey Leading The Way On The Disney Dream
Mickey Leading The Way On The Disney Magic

Not just old people and children

One of the things a lot of people think is that cruises are mainly for old people. Disney Cruises having children running around. But the people we’ve seen coming to shore were all kinds of people. Not just old people, not just families, no screaming children at all. I truly believe that Disney Cruises are for everyone.

A couple of months back a fantastic guest writer wrote me a piece on Disney Cruises for Adults, and she made great points on how you can enjoy a Disney Cruise without needing any kids. It would be perfect for a romantic vacation for any Disney fans.

Getting the great angled pictures

Because we know our city so well, we know how to get around to get great pictures of The Disney Magic. The rented bikes got us to places fast, to be as productive and efficient as we could.

Our OV-Fietsen at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam
Our OV-Fietsen at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam

Thanks to the Dutch Railway company we could easily rent some bikes for a good price. They have an excellent service called; the OV-Fiets or Public Transport Bike. If we had to walk we wouldn’t go to Java Eiland (a little island next to the Disney Dream) and get the ship from a totally different angle.

Finding a bit of Amsterdam History

If you ever go to Amsterdam you will notice a lot of History, and especially of The Second World War. We noticed a memorial statue on Java Eiland with an old time sailor watching over the canal. Waiting for the missing sailors to come home from the war, which however they never did. We find our history really important and even more that we remember who sacrificed their lives to make sure we can now life in peace. So We wanted to show our respect to the fallen of previous generations.

Paying my respects at the memorial to our fallen sailors.

Amsterdam always has surprises like this around every corner, even where you don’t expect it. Even after living in Amsterdam for 32 years I find more stuff around the city to amaze me.

Future Trip

A Disney Cruise is definitely on our bucket list and we want to save up money so we can do this as our Disney Family Vacation one day. The excitement we had today will dwarf our excitement when we actually go on our very first Disney Cruise one day, with our little Disney Family.


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