I can’t wait for Disney’s streaming service DIsney +

Disney’s streaming service called “Disney+” is just around the corner. This news brought me a lot of excitement. Thus rested the question; when would it be available in The Netherlands?


There have been so many rumors spreading on the internet because of one source, that couldn’t confirm their sources. The rumor said that Disney’s streaming service Disney+ would start in The Netherlands because of our technological advancements in our little country.

The media jumped on it because for us that was a big deal. A giant company that would bring their service to us? That’s unprecedented! How could a company like Disney favor us over the United States. This rumor turned out to be false because Disney did not confirm it when asked about.

Recent announcement

However, there has been a recent announcement by Disney about their streaming service. This time not about what kind of shows they would feature, or what kind of celebrities they hired for their movies or shows. It was actually about when and where it would launch.

Disney+ presentation
Disney+ presentation

The announcement stated that the service would start in: The United States, Canada and The Netherlands. Wait, what?! Did I hear that correctly? The Netherlands? The Disney Company was very impressed with our technology in forms of Internet and how our coverage system of mobile phones was. Therefor they decided that it would be a great European test to try it out in our little country of ours.


Right when I heard the news I immediately was tagged by several people stating this news. My friends and family know how much I love the Mouse and it’s company. Therefor they were excited for me. When I got to work I heard it from several more who know I am a total Disney freak.

One thing I noticed was that they were almost as excited as me about the news. Not everyone might be as big of a Disney freak as I am, however they do love Disney movies. Disney’s influence of the world gets bigger and bigger with the more movies they bring out. The mouse is almost everywhere!

Reasonably priced

To compete with the other streaming services like Netflix, Disney’s streaming service will be a pretty cheap competitor. Netflix keeps increasing their prices to be able to make more content. Therefor the 7 dollars for a month subscription or 70 dollars a year will give Netflix a big dent in their sales.

I currently leach Netflix from my mom’s account where she pays 15 dollars a month. For that 15 dollars she gets a pretty bad library of current movies in The Netherlands. Because of all the streaming services and video on demand here in The Netherlands we don’t always get the best movies and shows on Netflix. However their Originals are pretty fun to watch.

So having a 70 dollar a year option that includes EVERYTHING that I love… sign me up, I will gladly pay that price for every Disney movie ever made. Buying every Disney movie ever will be more expensive than that and I can’t take every Disney movie with me anywhere I want legally.

How will the expand

When I was doing as much research as possible I started reading a lot of comments on the Disney Reddit page. Most of the comments were about excitement. However some where worrying about the monopoly Disney has became after the purchase of FOX.

But one Reddit user had a very interesting thought. What if the Disney Resorts would have Disney+ on their televisions instead of regular TV? That would be the best way to market their streaming service and gain so many more subscribers. Imagine being in a Disney resort and you never heard about the Disney’s streaming service, and all of a sudden you have this great app on the TV to see all the Disney movies you want.

How Disney Streaming Service will look like
How Disney Streaming Service will look like

I think the room service business will be booming at the resorts. Who wouldn’t love to watch Disney Movies in the Disney Resorts on your Disney Vacation? I don’t think that the parks will get less crowded, this might even spark the interest of people who have never been to a Disney Resort to actually go there. If they market their Disney parks well on Disney+ then everyone will want to go!

Biggest in the world

With Disney’s library of movies and shows, this might be the biggest streaming service in the world. It will be more family orientated for sure, however for just 70 dollars a year I’ll take just family friendly fun!

Another look at the streaming service appearance
Another look at the streaming service appearance

With the purchase of FOX Disney’s streaming service will have the 30 years of The Simpsons! Yes you heard it correctly. At launch you can watch all the 30 years of episodes of The Simpsons. I don’t think anyone really realizes, how many of hours of binge watching we will be able to do. I’ll be sure to watch every single episode for I was raised in a Simpsons era.

The companies featured on Disney+
The companies featured on Disney+

Why am I so excited?

I grew up in the late 80’s and early 90’s. That means that we had all the Disney movies on VHS. We literally had a closet full of Disney movies. Every lazy Sunday morning was me waking up getting breakfast and choosing what Disney movie I wanted to watch. I now realize how blessed I was to have that kind of childhood.

I’ve recently became a step dad and I told My Disney Princess that I wanted the same upbringing for our son as I had when I was his age. Now with Disney+ I don’t have to spend a fortune on dvds and blue rays to get a closet like that. I could just turn on the TV and have the same and way more in the palm of my hand.


In just 3 months time I will be binge watching the entirety of the Disney catalog and I won’t be seeing as much of the sun anymore. But that’s a price I’m willing to pay for my most favorite company in the world that has given me so much in the span of my lifetime. I hope you all are just as excited as me!