Minnie Ears Are More Than Fashion

Everyone who has been to a Disney Theme Park knows that girls love Minnie Ears, much more than guys loving Mickey Ears. I think the ears are more than just a piece of fashion, they can be statements or great memories. Let’s discover more about them.

Great DIY project

My Disney Princess loves creating things, and now she’s addicted to making Minnie Ears for every special occasion. It all started when we wanted to do some Disneybounding in Disneyland Paris and she wanted to have the perfect matching Minnie Ears. Sometimes not having extra money for such expenses give best opportunity for your perfect Disneybound.

Memories for a life time

Just this morning I got a text from My Disney Princess that she updated her wall of Minnie Ears. She realized that Minnie Ears give her good luck because every time she made one for a special occasion the day became magical and amazing.

Wall of Minnie Ears
Wall of Minnie Ears

Every new pair she makes she puts on her wall and adds a photo that brings the best memory to mind. This way, every time she looks at them, her heart swells up with love and joy. We all know life can bring us down from time to time so when you have a wall of memories like that, you remember the good times and realise what you are working for.

Fun, But Hard To Make

There’s a whole lot of creativity needed to make some awesome Disney Ears. Whenever My Disney Princess gets creative, her whole bed is full of DIY stuff. She always apologizes when it’s a mess, but I know that it’s because she’s been creative and had a great time making something awesome.

DIY Simba and Nala Ears Project
DIY Simba and Nala Ears Project

She often shows me her progress and how hard it is to make something. I appreciate every minute and every second she works on it. Before we visited the Disney Magic she worked until 4 in the morning to get new Minnie Ears done because she wanted to have an appropriate pair for the occasion. She had to get up again 4 hours later to bring her son to school and then meet me at Amsterdam Central Station at 10 am.

Her DIY projects often give her less sleep then a student has during test week, but in the end it is all worth it.

DIY vs Store Bought

Not everyone can make their own Minnie Ears. I’ve got two left hands when it comes to DIY so I can understand that people rather buy them online or in the parks. There are some great Etsy vendors who sell special Minnie ears for great prices.

DIY Inspired Disney Cruise Line Minnie Ears

However if you are creative and you could make them, why wouldn’t you? Sometimes preparing for something fun is the most fun of all. Knowing you spend a lot of time on something and then have it make the day is an amazing feeling.

Walking around with Minnie Ears that no one else has and people appreciaing them by giving you smiles and looks makes it all worth it. Wear them with pride.

Mickey and Minnie Ears as a couple

A little while back the Gay Pride was in Amsterdam and of course My Disney Princess was going to make something amazing out of it. Not only did she make matching T-Shirts. She made us matching Mickey and Minnie Ears. This was my first gay pride, and especially because I was celebrating my new found sexuality she wanted to make it magical.

Gay Pride Minnie and Mickey Ears
Gay Pride Minnie and Mickey Ears

I’ve never been a guy for matching shirts or matching anything. But she made it in a way so I could feel proud of wearing the matching items. I felt extremely proud of her and myself at that moment at the Amsterdam Pride.

We got so many appreciating looks and comments from people joining the Pride. We had one girl come up, pointed at My Disney Princess and said: “you look awesome!”, then immediately point at me: “and you look awesome!”. It’s fun to share Disney love with complete strangers at such an event.

When we were going for some cocktails in the Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe our bartender was amazed by our outfits and Mickey and Minnie Ears. Not only didwe feel like we were special at that moment, we felt appreciated too. That makes it even better when complete strangers take a moment of their time to make sure that you know that they appreciate your hard work.

We could have easily bought the Pride ears back in Disneyland Paris, but then it would have been just a prop that we put on to “fit in”. We didn’t just fit in at that moment, we were part of something special. We were sharing our little world of creativity and our Disney love with the world and the world showed their love back.

Ears for every occasion

Wouldn’t it be fun to open a closet and have all the Minnie and Mickey Ears for every occasion? To have Minnie Ears for every special dress you have, for every different kind of date you can go on? To make every outfit pop with your own amazing home made accessory?

Appreciated but not by everyone

Not everyone will appreciate your love for the ears as much as you do, and you know what? That is absolutely fine. Some will find it childish, some will find it too much. Here in The Netherlands we have a saying: “Just act normal, you’ll be crazy enough as yourself”. I don’t agree with that. Why not go the extra mile and have an outfit you absolutely love?

If a person makes a not so lovely comment, just shrug it off. You are wearing a piece of item that has been around since the opening of Disneyland in Anaheim. It’s been iconic since the 50’s! Wear them with pride!


Making your own Minnie Ears has something special to it. Not only are you making a memory, you are making something unique.

I hope I inspired you to make your own Minnie Ears or use them on special occasions in your life. I believe that they give some extra pixie dust we could need in our lives!


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