My wish upon a star came true

A couple of days ago I knew that my wish upon a star came true. This is going to be a very personal story and I hope you will like reading about a succes story. Because man, my life is different now.

My wish upon a star

When my life was rock bottom right into a deep well of depression, I looked up to the sky and made my wish, just like Walt has done many decades before me. Walt Disney, the man himself, always has been a great inspiration to me. If he achieved such greatness after so many failed attempts, then why could I not do the same?

It was a time where I did not believe that I would ever start a family, or I would ever find love. I was stuck I a loop of misery and despair.

However I kept dreaming, watching my favorite Disney movies and dreaming my favorite dreams. I started looking at my life like it was a story meant to be told. I saw many similarities between my own life and my favorite stories. My mom always tried to make me stay positive all the time; my life would one day turn around, I just had to wait and keep working hard.

However, being the Disney romantic as I am, I knew I needed a bit of pixie dust and magic. So I did what I read what Walt had done to turn his life around. I wished for my own damsel in distress that I could save from despair. I wished for my own Disney Family to love forever and those who would love me for who I was.

It took some time

I was no fool, I knew it would take some time. Around 4 years it took for my wish upon a star to become true. It got harder to believe it, and I got deeper into my well of depression.

Friends were worried about me, they saw me going down the rabbit hole. I saw people being happy, have their own families, therefore I started hating them. I loved my friends, but I hated people.

My damsel in distress

By the time I found my damsel, my confidence was at an all time low and my self image made me think I was Smeagol from Lord Of The Rings. It all started with a fantasy game called Dungeons and Dragons or D&D. I was the Dungeon Master for my friends and I had brought in some of my friend who I knew loved Story Telling. I just hadn’t talked to “her” for quite some time, but I invited her anyway.

I’ve had a crush on her since the day I met her. I had even had a short fling with her on the past that had ended in disaster. We went our own ways back then and that was that. Until 10 years later. I didnt even have her phone number by then so I looked her up on facebook and asked her if she wanted to try D&D. She thought it would be fun and so we got back in touch with one another.

When did I know that I fell back in love with her? The moment I heard her voice again. Such a sweet and loving voice that couldn’t do anything harm. I felt like I was talking to a Disney Princess.

Meeting up again

Last time we saw each other it was 10 years before, on new years day while we had our fling. But today she was pretty close to where I lived and she was traveling with a friend.

Her friend convinced her to meet up with me to catch up on old times. So we went on a walk in a forest close to my house. We walked and talked for ages and told one another our life stories so far.

I thought she was in a loving marriage and living her dream. Oh how I was wrong about that! The girl I met again was in a broken marriage and needed to get out of this situation. At first I didn’t mean to break up her marriage but as a friend I couldn’t sit idly by. Because my long time friend needed me and I vowed that I would always be there for my friends.

Months later

Now roughly 10 months later we are in a very loving and caring relationship and I realized that my Wish Upon A Star came true. Everything in our lives is Disney right now. From our dinners to our dates we live a true Disney lifestyle. Now together with the Disney blog and Disney Instagram, we are working on our dreams.

Wishes come true

It’s true that your wishes will come true. However it will not come out of nowhere, you will have to work hard for it. Pull up your sleeves, put on some elbow grease and get ready to work for it. If you just sit idly by then it will never happen.

If you are looking for a Disney relationship then you will have an hard time finding it, although everyone seems to love Disney now. Find your partner who is willing to be that Disney Prince or Princess and work together to make the best futures for each other.

But don’t make the wishes too complicated. Becoming the new Walt Disney is achievable in theory, however the chance of becoming the new Walt Disney is so slim that you will have to move mountains just like the man himself did back in his day. This is in no shape or form discouragement, however you need to stay positive and confident. Confidence is two thirds of the way as so they say.

Our Press Cards while reporting on the Disney Magic
Our Press Cards while reporting on the Disney Magic

If no one believes in your wish, then keep on being stubborn and proof them wrong. I’ve always said that I would work for or with Walt Disney and I’m making my way into this amazing world more with every blog I write. Now people say that they are jealous because of the adventures I have with My Disney Princess.
Nobody will give your wish on a silver platter, but like Tiana said: “I’m almost there!”