Disney+ out now in The Netherlands

This is not a drill, this is not click bait and this is not a test. Disney just released Disney+ in The Netherlands. A couple of months ago I wrote about The Netherlands being a test country. The only problem was that we did not know if it would be true or not. Disney said nothing on the subject, even at D23 they told us nothing. However today they launched it for us exclusively!

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Download link: Apple

Review of Beta Disney+: Visit Review

Disney+ free trial period

Forget Netflix, hail Disney+

I’ve used netflix on my moms account and I was always bored with it. Being a minor country we didn’t get much of the awesome content of A list movies. So now with a full set of Disney awesomeness, we get to binge watch the complete Disney collection whenever we want.

Full Disney Library

The streaming service is 6.99 Euro per month, which means its one euro less than the cheapest option of Netflix currently provided by the company. Disney+ also offers 4K streaming and Downloads for when you must be offline. These options are not included with the cheapest option of Netflix, giving us more bang for our buck.

Every Disney Movie Ever Created

I’ve done a little bit of research while I have the app open and I can say that everything is on it! I’m watching Steam Boat willie as I write this blog. Not only that very much decades old movie is on it, so many more!

All the Marvel and Star Wars movies are on it and all the Pixar movies are on it. What surprised me even more was that all the Pixar shorts are on the streaming service. One short I absolutely adore is Lava. The short where a volcano searches for love but can’t. It brought me to tears when I saw it in the movie theater. However I couldn’t find it online, no matter how hard I tried.

Disney Vault No More

When Disney started out they created the Disney Vault. Meant to make movies exclusively available to the audience every decade or so. The Disney Vault is no more! It even says as a category: “Out of the Disney Vault”. So we can conclude that we will be able to watch every Disney movie whenever and wherever we want.

Every Disney Movie Ever Created

New Disney Originals Not Here Yet

You might have heard about the many Disney+ originals that Disney is currently making with Game of Thrones budgets. However they are not featured on Disney+ yet. As this is a free testing period “only” the old Disney movies up to the latest Marvel and Star Wars movies are featured. I mean I can’t complain about that for a 2 month test period right?


The test period has started and I’m so ready to binge watch it all! 2 months of testing by one of the smallest countries in the world and we will be sure to make sure to send all bug reports so the rest of the world will have the best user experience ever! Follow the news as I will talk more about Disney+ The Netherlands.
I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated as best as I can, if you have any requests send me an e-mail to robin@wuasdisney.com.


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