My Disney Art Journey

If you ask my friends and family if I’m obsessed with Disney then they will roll their eyes and say yes. Hi, I’m Robin and I’m a Disney addict and I just launched myself into a deeper fandom of Disney.

Art scared me

In high school I had an art teacher that told me that I sucked at art. Not a great motivator when you really try your best. In my defense she wasnt a good teacher. You cant just trow your students in the deep end and expect them to make the new Mona Lisa.

Teachers always said I wasnt good enough or that I wasn’t smart enough. My parents understood that I needed more guidance than other kids. I needed to understand more background info and then I could build a rocket to Mars without manh problems.

However school wasnt my best motivator and I gave up on art all together. Years I’ve watched Disney and friends make art that would make my jaw drop. I envied them, I wanted to do that aswel, but I couldn’t because I believed I sucked.

Encouraging Girlfriend

I often put my girlfriend on a pedestal for her amazing art skills. She hates it when I do that, but I apreciate her art so much. Because she noticed my love for art she kept encouraging me to start.

So a couple of days ago I decided to buy some pencils and an A3 book of blank drawing paper. I was determined to start my Disney Art Journey. I wanted to create just like my Disney heroes.

One courageous morning

So one morning I get up and I decide thst today is the day. I should start. How does one start? Then I realised tha youtube is full of tutorials, so I decided to look for some Mickey tutorials.

Mickey sketch
Mickey sketch

What I immediately learned from that is that drawing circles is hard. I dont have any fancy tools to make perfect circles, so practise made perfect.

Onto my favorite character

I just love Stitch. Hes such a fun character. Weird, but still so cute! On te same morning I decided to draw my second character.

Stitch Sketch
Stitch sketch

I loved the journey to learn what Stitch makes Stitch. He really is like an alien dog and yet so relatable. I was so pleased on how my sketch became my reality with my favorite character sketched.

Pushing myself further

Knowing that I always want to go for gold I decided to do another stitch drawing. I wanted to do a full body stitch. However I wanted Scrump in it aswel.

First step stitch sketch
First step stitch sketch

I decided to do two characters in one. A challenge, and I definitely love challenges. My girlfriend gave me awesome support in this journey and she loved it so much!

Giving meaning to the stitch drawing
Giving meaning to the drawing

While I worked on it I began to question, why does stitch have scrump in his hands? Well stitch has a favorite book so he might be reading it to Scrump? Yes! Thats it! Now it tells a story.

Pencil running out
Pencil running out

My only problem now was that my pencil was running out, however I did not buy a sharpener yet! Luckily I have multiple pencils, so I could go on even longer!

The final stitch sketch
The final stitch sketch

The result amazed me. I made this! I mmade this without a tutorial, just a reference picture. And I couldn’t be happier or more motivated.


In conclusion I can say that I am very happy with this result. I’m motivated aand eager to go on! I encourage everyone to try the same! Anyone can draw. Dont listen to the nay sayers.