Why you should travel solo to Disneyland Paris

Loads of people love Disney but they have nobody to go with, so they decide not to go. Which in my opinion is a waste of a great time! Let’s discover why you should travel solo to Disneyland Paris.

European Resort

A lot of people complain that Disneyland Paris is tiny compared to all the other Disney Resorts all over the world. And yes, that is absolutely true. However smaller scale means less time wasted on a solo trip.

Most on-site Disney Hotels are on walking distance and the partner hotels are just 10 minutes by bus. So even if you roll out of your bed by 9 am you are still before everyone else that goes by train or bus.

If you decide to go and stay a bit further then you can travel by bus or train to Disneyland Paris and be there within 15 minutes of departing. This makes cheaper options a lot better and faster than say at Walt Disney World.

You are never alone

At Disney you are never truly alone. Cast members know you are alone and they are willing to help you out as good as they can. And seeing that there is a cast member every 20 meters that is a big plus.

Even if you decide to take a single rider lane you’ll see enough other people on that line to make you realise that you are not alone. I had a great experience on Crush’s coaster.

It was my first rollercoaster in over 15 years and I was scared to all hell. The person I sat next to was an older British man. I told him it was my first in over a decade and he laughed and said: “you have chosen a good one for that”.

So the ride sped away and ofcourse I was going backwards. After the first faster part I said to my British co-rider: “That wasnt that bad” he chuckled and said: “wait untill we spin around, that’s where the fun starts.”

With a quick conversation like that my ride was more than enjoyable. It really shows that you are never alone. Disney fans love to share their love for the Mouse!

Dining Scare

Lots of people will never go to a restaurant alone. Which is crazy in my opinion. Being able to go whenever you want is a liberating feeling to me. I dont want to miss a fancy steak dinner just because it’s not the status quo.

If you really dont want to dine alone then there are so many options of counter service in Disneyland paris. Just grab a quick bite and be on the go again. No fuzz no problem.

Lonely hotel room

I dont know about you but I love to sleep in hotel rooms. Yes it is a thousand times more fun with loved ones. However sleeping in such a big bed alone is amazing!

You are also able to just take a nap before dinner without anyone telling you that you are wasting time. When I spend 5 days st Disneyland Paris solo, I had slept an hour or two everyday to really get my courage back to brave the crowds again.


In conclusion I can say that I want to advise everyone to try to travel solo to Disneyland Paris. The freedom and a whole new perspective are so worth it. What are you waiting for, travel solo to Disneyland Paris!


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