Top 5 Why You Should Go Solo To Disney

We all have a great love for Disney, why would you even read a Disney blog if you didn’t? So let me explain in 5 steps why you should consider going solo to a Disney resort. Without further adieu here is the Top 5 why you should go solo to Disney.

1. Freedom

When you go to a Disney Resort with friends you will always have to make compromises to make everyone feel comfortable. When you go solo you only have yourself to keep happy. And you know yourself the best out of everyone in the world!

Walking around a Disney park solo will give you the freedom you always wished you had. Going to eat whenever you want, ride Space Mountain 20 times a day why not? You can even choose to take a nap whenever you want. Who is going to judge you?

2. Single Rider

One of the most amazing things Disney has introduced for solo travelers is the Single Rider line. Anyone can go in, however only one guest can get into a vehicle when there’s a spot. So even if you go as a couple you will not be able to go together. You’re alone so you don’t mind it.

Your wait time will be reduced with hours, when you use the Single Rider lines the whole day through. More time means you can do much more on a day. You will see that you as a solo traveler have done more rides on a day than you ever had with others with you. So if you are a ride fanatic you should totally do this at least once in your Disney life time!

3. Food

I love going to restaurants solo, you don’t need to stay longer than you’d like to. You can order as much as little as you desire. It is pure freedom in the food department. Waiters will often give you much more attention than they normally would. They love to talk to you why you are there solo and share their stories with you.

4. Hotel Room

Your very own hotel room is the pinnacle of freedom. You can do whatever you want, sleep in, nobody is pressuring you. You can even make it to rope drop! Not a breakfast person? Why not skip your way too expensive hotel breakfast and eat later.

Having your own huge bed is a big plus. Just put your laptop, tablet or phone next to you before you sleep and watch the greatest Disney+ movies or shows.

5. Pictures

Ever wanted to spend a lot of time taking pictures in a Disney resort? Well on your own you can take as much time as you’d like. You can move from photo opportunity to photo opportunity at the pace that you’d prefer.

You want to take a hundred pictures of Big Thunder Mountain from every angle? Take all the time you need. Nobody is waiting to go to the next ride. Do you want to make selfies? Why not ask one of the many willing Cast Members to take a fun pic?


I hope I have convinced you to consider a solo trip to one of your favorite Disney locations. I know that there is a stigma, however I do believe that the stigma is made by people who hate solo traveling. Just do it at least once in your life and have the trip of a lifetime!