Why You Should Travel solo to Walt Disney World

Solo traveling is a lot of fun. Solo traveling to Disney is even more fun. Yesterday I discussed why you should do a solo trip to Disneyland Paris, however if you want the ultimate vacation you should consider going to Walt Disney World. Let’s see why you should consider to travel solo to Walt Disney World.

Travel Options

When Disney decides where a resort should be they always ask themselves: “Is it easy to get there?”. And yes, it is very easy to travel to Orlando and then to Walt Disney World. Even Orlando International Airport is definitely easy to go from A to B and it is a beautiful airport as it is.

Orlando International Airport

Right when you leave the plane you go through security. We all know that TSA people aren’t the friendliest in the world, however their lines move fast and after the obligatory questions, you are free to move around the airport to your bags. Airports wise Orlando Airport is very beautifully decorated and feels like they care about their travelers.

One of the most fun things there are the People Movers, or in Disney terms Monorails. They bring you to your bags in a jiffy. And because of the many windows per People Mover you can expect some nice visuals. Even when a thunderstorm is happening it is a beautiful sight to see.

Orlando International Airport People Movers, Monorail

Disney has Magical Express busses ready to go from the easily reachable bus stations. When you already have your magic bands ready you can just tap in, and all your info is read and you can go to the queue you are supposed to be. If you are an international traveler and you get your Magic Bands at the desk where a cast member is present. Just have your papers ready and you will be ready to go!

Magical Express Bus

All this together makes Orlando Airport an amazing place to start your solo adventure. You don’t need to take an Uber to your resort of choice when you stay on property. You can take a bus that goes pretty often, so you don’t even have to wait that long for your bus to depart.

On-site Hotels

When you travel solo to Walt Disney World, I’d suggest to stay on-site instead of a hotel or resort outside of the Disney Bubble. I can hear you say, that it’s a lot of money to do so. And yes that is true, hotels are expensive, tickets are pricey and not everyone would like to be in Disney 24/7 for a week or more.

All-star Hotels

You don’t need much as a solo traveler. If you have a lot of extra cash to spend go for something relaxed and luxurious. However Disney also has value hotels and quite a lot of them. For a bit more than a hundred dollars per night, you can spend your valuable time at an All Star hotel. These are cheaper motel type places where a lot of families are and school groups. I can understand that it might not be your cup of tea, however it is the cheapest option. You probably won’t spend a lot of time at your resort anyway.

These All Star Hotels have shuttle busses. These busses go to every park there is a luxury you’d like to have as a solo traveler. Being able to just jump on a bus to anywhere you’d like Disney wise is a must. They are also free, although Ubers do drive to and from the resorts as well if you would like private transportation.

Four Theme Parks

At Walt Disney World you have four theme parks to choose from, that is a lot of choice. As a solo traveler that means that you have more than enough options to fill your days, which in my opinion is a great addition to already so much magic! If you get a park hopper added to your tickets you can even do more than just one park a day.

Magic Band

Single rider will be your friend as a solo traveler, because why spend a lot of time in a que with families who must sit together? You don’t care who you sit next to. You just want to ride your favorite rides! Instead of a two hour wait you maybe at max wait 30 minutes, per ride. That is a great time saver, which in Walt Disney World is a must!

Fast Passes should be your best friend as well. Being able to reserve them more than a month in advance you can plan your trip the way that you would like to! Just load them up on your magic band, be there on time, and you basically walk into the attraction and sit in your ride vehicle. More time outside the que is more magic in your day.

Eating at restaurants

Being alone in a restaurant is for many people a no go. That’s why Disney has a meal plan for counter service restaurants. You order at the counter or even on your phone and you are good to eat in less than 10 minutes and be on your way in 20. No time wasted, no awkward dinner at a fancy table with families all around.

If you do prefer to be sitting at a dinner table you totally should. Waiters don’t mind that you are all by yourself, and if they do then it’s their problem. A solo traveler who receives great service will be more grateful than a family. I’ve spent many a meal in a restaurant by myself, and got some amazing service. Waiters that take a minute of their time to come and sit with you and just chat. That’s why I’ve given bigger tips while being by myself rather than when I’m in the company of others.


In conclusion I can say that this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There’s so much to do as a solo traveler at Walt Disney World. We haven’t even discussed how amazing shopping solo is at Disney Springs. Or taking a dive at one of the two water parks! Mini Golf is also great by yourself, just wind down and have some fun!

So if you are deciding to travel solo to Walt Disney World, I hope I might have convinced you to take the plunge in this great adventure in life. Everyone should have done it atleast once in their lifetime.


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