Disney Couples Have Better Relationships

Recently a study has come out from the university Kansas that Couples who both love Disney have better relationships. More than 15.000 people over a span of 30 years were studied and seen what made them a better couple. Turns out there is one grand ingredient for success in a relationship. Disney Couples have better relationships.

Disney Fever

When you grow up with Disney you get a certain Disney fever that only Disney fans can understand. Watching all the movies in your pyjamas on sunday mornings are some of your best memories. Visiting Disney Resorts, no matter how much you already visited, is still the dream you want to achieve every time.

Finding someone who is willing to admit that they are the same are scarce. For a lot of people Disney is still something for kids and they will not watch it to save their lives. I kind of call it the “Disney Closet“. The big step of admitting that you love all and everything Disney.

Romance with Disney Couples

When you love Disney then there is a pretty big chance that you love romance. Most of the stories of old are about Princesses finding their Princes. Who wouldn’t want to find their true love with the same intensities of 7 suns.

Wouldn’t you want to stand in front of the castle while the fireworks show is going on and have your arm around your loved one? Sharing a Mickey Pretzel or having a very expensive yet oh so romantic dinner for two in the parks.

Disney Grooms Relationships

I believe that Walt wanted us to know that true love is out there. Anyone can fall in love, you just need to wish upon a star¬†and work hard for it. So it’s no coincidence that most early movies are about romance. Generations of loved ones have been brought up with that in mind.

So I do believe that Disney grooms relationships. They want you to find that special person so you will share your love of Disney together. Because if you have a date to go to the theater then they always sell two tickets instead of just one. Don’t get me wrong, going alone to Disney movies is no shame, it’s just a lot more awesome together.

New Movies Are Different

The tone of Disney movies have changed quite a bit. One of the best examples is that moment where Elsa tells Anna that you can’t just marry a man you just met. Merida is also a great example, she does not need a man to be a good person.

There is less focus on romance and more on the individual. Does that mean that people will be less influenced by Disney to become more romantic and better love interests to your loved one? I don’t think so. The older movies are still as impressive as the newer ones and maybe even a tad better. There has been a Disney Vault for over 70 years for a reason.

Work On Problems, Not Walking Away

Tiana has shown us a very important lesson. Work hard for your future and you will be rewarded. Nothing will just be presented on a silver platter just because you want it. That is not how life works. And that especially, is not how love works.

Every relationship has their hurdles and problems, and you will have to talk and work them out. If you are not willing to put in a lot of effort your relationship will most likely fail. And that is where Disney relationships are different than “normal” relationships.

When you finally find your Damsel in distress or Prince on his white stallion, you will want to keep them around. We also tend to believe in true love, that anything is possible. Yes, there will be moments where you don’t believe it might work out, however you should always keep believing.


In conclusion I can say from experience that Disney relationships are the tightest you can get. They are a lot of fun and a lot of dreaming is being done. However dreaming is just step one, doing is step two. And it is really easy to stay at dreaming. Work on your relationship so you will start doing! So find your own Disney nut and join the other Disney couples!