Donald Duck Comics Where My Childhood

If you didn’t know it yet, Donald Duck Comics are a thing in this world. Let me rephrase that, it’s been a thing for over 60 years. And here in The Netherlands it always has been a phenomenon within families, to read it every saturday morning when it falls on their doormat. For me it was my childhood and I realise now that it taught me a lot, let’s discuss that.

Donald Duck Comics Universe

So, you have never heard of Donald Duck Comics, let’s explain what they are. The comics are basically a universe extender of the Duck family and the city they live in Duckburg. It’s a shared universe with the Mickey Mouse Universe which also has comics written even earlier than the Donald Duck Comics.

Donald Duck Comic

Donald Duck lives in a city called Duckburg while Mickey Mouse lives in a city just next to Duckburg called Mouseton. In the city of Duckburg a lot of Donalds relatives live and many other famed Disney Characters live there as well, although some are only known through the comics.

From Page to TV

Some of the most beloved Disney shows are set in the Donald Duck Universe. Ducktales is one of the most famed saturday or sunday morning cartoons. If you grew up in the late 80’s or 90’s then you most definitely have watched it. I often sing or hum the Ducktales soundtrack while working because somehow 25 years later it is still in my head constantly.

Another great example is Darkwing Duck. This so called Super Hero was one of the first Disney Superhero stories. And it was made with the Donald Duck Universe characters. Who doesn’t remember the purple cape and purple hat on this duck that feared nothing and no one. Often enough when me and my friends are going to do something stupid or just adventurous fun I tell them in the Darkwing Duck voice: “Let’s get dangerous”.

The Main Story

The plot around the Donald Duck Comics is fairly simple. You follow the lives of Donald Duck and his nephews Huey, Duey and Louie. Daisy Duck makes an often appearance as the love interest of Donald, however their love is a troubled one.

Donald Duck Comic

His cousin Gladstone Gander is also a common character and he is the total opposite of Donald. However he is often seen flirting with Daisy which brings Donald to a ramping rage. This is one of the bigger story arcs of the Donald Duck comics, where Donald is scared that Daisy will fall for his lucky cousin.

Donald Duck Comic

Another main player is Scrooge Mcduck, He is the uncle of Donald duck and the great uncle of Huey Duey and Louie. He is the richest man alive with a big bank as a home where he takes money baths. His main character trait is thrift, he loves to save every penny although he could feed the entire world for a year. Because of his riches he regularly gets robbed by the Beagle Boys who look like they just escaped jail.

What It Means To Me

To me the Donald Duck Comics are what I remember fondly from my childhood. We never had a subscription for it, however my neighbours daughter did and she gave me all the comics that she already read. That meant that through my childhood I collected a large library of Donald Duck Comics. I had a big treasure chest that was filled to the brink with just Donald Duck Comics.

Donald Duck Comic

Whenever I had to wait for a new addition from my neighbour, I would reread old Donald Duck Comics. I even found comics from the 70’s in my collection! I would sit in my room and read them all over again without missing a letter on a page. It was a pure joy to have so many comics, although they would often repeat in stories if you’d go further back. That wasn’t a problem to me though.

Vacation Specials

Every vacation I’d spend reading a lot of Donald Duck Comics as well. They’d have special holiday comics that were released just before the summer vacation. So for me and my family it was a tradition just before boarding a plane to get me all the special editions. Now I do the same for my nephew and hopefully in a couple of years for my Step son.

Amazing for Children, Fun for Adults

Now that I’m officially an adult I still want to read Donald Duck Comics. I plan to even get a subscription to it so I can read them every saturday when it drops on my doormat. It’s something that always keeps evolving. When new gadgets get really popular the nephews will be testing it out on the page.

That’s where the writers excel at. They want kids and adults alike to see themselves on the page, because that is where Disney is greatest, you see similarities to your own life. And it is a lot of fun sharing it with loved ones.

Library Fun

I often write in the library where I visit My Disney Princess where she studies. They have a whole collection of Donald Duck Comics and other Disney comic books that you can read your heart away for free. I think it’s a great idea for libraries to have these Disney Comics for younger and older audiences to read. Because how awesome is it that a library thinks Disney books are important enough to have while there are tens of thousands of other books?

I think it’s important for kids to read, and for me reading began with comics. Later on I read more traditional books. So you could say that Donald Duck Comics started my Harry Potter addiction in sort of way.


In conclusion I can honestly say that I love Donald Duck Comics to this very day. It’s a great comic although it’s main audience is more geared toward children than adults. But who wants to be an adult anyway? Donald Duck Comics are a great way to stop adulting for a while and be with your favorite Duck again.