Disney+ What you need to know

Disney+ has been out for a while in The Netherlands and Netflix has been collecting dust at my home. I think it’s the best streaming service, but I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t really know what it is. So let me give you the most important Disney+ “what you need to know” tips!

Streaming service

If there’s one important thing on what you need to know, is that Disney+ is a streaming service. That means that you either use an app or a browser to locally download the movie and after that, the download is gone again until you decide to watch it. You stream the content but you don’t own it.

For a lot of people that is still a strange concept. Why should you want a gigantic library of movies if you could have an actual physical library?

The costs

Well if you have to buy 250 movies that each cost 25 dollars that would cost you 6250 dollars. That’s the same amount of 2 weeks Disney World with the family! However for just 7 dollars a month or 70 dollars a year you can have the full Disney library.

If you live in the United States you can get it the first year for free if you have a Verizon subscription. Disney is even so kind to freeze your 3 years Disney+ pre-order if you use the Verizon subscription. So that would be 4 years at 5 dollars or even less a month.

Where is it available?

As we speak Disney+ is available in The Netherlands as a Beta test. That beta test was initiated in a small country to be sure the full-blown Northern American launch will be less than perfect.

From November 12th 2019 disney+ will be launching in Northern America. Which means The United States and Canada will be added to the list of available countries.

Most of Western Europe will have to wait a bit longer. They have an announced release date of 31th of March 2020. Which is almost 5 months after the Northern America release.

Will all the movies be available?

As most of us know, Disney has a vast collection of movies and shows. Around 500 movies will be present at launch. But Disney fans from The United States will have some problems with the marvel selection.

Netflix still has some deals with Marvel movies that will run until after the official launch. That means that The United States will only have a couple Marvel movies out of the 22 that should be available from launch.

This might be the case with other movies too. If another streaming service has a running deal on your favorite movies then Disney+ is not allowed to broadcast those movies.

When said deal is over the movies will be on Disney+. So expect all the Marvel movies to be available early 2020 so you can binge watch them all!

When will new movies appear on Disney+?

Disney has held on to a pretty tight release schedule for a very long time. First it releases in theaters and stays there for a couple of months. After it gets out of the theaters after a maximum of 3 months it will be released in Blue Ray and DVD.

It wont be released onto Disney+ after the 7 month mark where it premiered in theaters. That means that you will have to wait a very long time before you can watch it on your favorite streaming service.

This is offcourse to make sure that Disney will keep their profits of theater sales and Blueray/DVD sales. Which is more than acceptable in my opinion.


In conclusion I can say that Disney+ is something to be excited about. I have tried it for 2 months now and I haven’t touched Netflix since it dropped.

Northern America will get the streaming service on November 12th 2019. Most of western Europe not until March 21st. So some have to wait and some have the gloriousness of Disney+