Highschool musical the musical the series Episode 1 review

I think that I want the only one sceptical of Highschool musical the musical the series. Man that’s a mouthful, which is also the point. So I decided to write an honest review because it was totally not what I expected. Let’s talk about the new Disney+ original show that has people talking. This is Highschool Musical review.

They know it’s being milked out

One of the best features of HSMTMTS is that it makes fun off itself in the best way possible. One of the teachers brilliantly says that he doesnt agree with this being a musical. Because why dont we teach kids what they actually need in life?

The coach of HSMTMTS

We aren’t even the Wildcats, we are the leopards!

In the first episode you learn that this school was used to shoot HSM. But they never actually done the musical themselves. So a new drama teacher says she will do it for basically no money.


They actually have a lot of talent. But nothing less is to be expected from Disney. Disney knows talent from when its born. They love a good underdog and they know how to train them!
The talentpool of Disney is quite extensive and every year new talent gets added. With HSMTMTS there seems to be even more new talent.
There is a moment where they are doing a warm up and you can see how amazing they can dance. The lead girl even says: “That was the warm up?”

The Director

“Always go with the underdog”

Again they don’t shy away from making fun of themselves. They know that their dancers are amazing and aren’t afraid to show it. The auditions show some amazing talent with their singing skills. But even with the choosing who will do the leads they don’t shy off of some self concious jokes. “Always go with the underdog” she said while the audience could see that others were actually better.

Rating: 8/10 Basketballs

I do believe that HSMTMTS will be something amazing, but I’m still a bit skeptic.
The first episode goes off with a good bang, but I expect more from Disney. We will see how it goes but we have to wait because the episodes are going once a week.
This concludes my Higschool Musical review. For other Highschool Musical review articles keep following this blog.