Annual Passes

Annual Passes are a great way to go to the parks multiple times a year. It seems a lot of money upfront, but luckily you can also pay monthly so it’s not that much in advance.
There’s an annual pass for every kind of visitor, but remember, the cheaper the pass less the benefits.
If you want to pay monthly there is a starting fee of 55 euro and then the monthly fee that is different for every card.

Here’s a chart of all the passes and benefits:


Discovery Annual Pass:


This is the cheapest of them all starting at 149 euro’s and you can visit the parks for 150 days, this basically means that the summer is off-limits, and all the busy days are off limits. But if you are a frequent low season go-er and you just want to try it out, this might be the one for you.

Magic Flex:


This one is definitely more the bang for your buck when it comes to cheapest cards. You have double the entry days you have from the discovery Annual Pass, but you also get parking, 10% off of the boutique shops (gift shops) and way cheaper prices on hotels on site. Also the free parking is a good one!
And the one day 2 parks gives you 40% discount if you want to go on days that are a black out day, meaning a day you cannot visit with your current pass.
You can also add a photopass + for 55 euro’s for a whole year, instead of the normal fee of 75 euro.

Magic Plus:



The real fun starts at Magic Plus, it’s bit more expensive than the others with its 259 euro price tag, but is it worth the 40 euro upgrade? definitely!
Not only are you getting 350 days a year access to the parks, you also have the feature of getting into the park with a special enterance. Imagine being able not to stand in line and just skip it with your own enterance where a castmember is there to help you.
This enterance is at the left side of the Disneyland Hotel and also the left side of the Walt Disney Studios.
This one includes free parking just like the Magic Flex. But you also get a 10% discount at restaurants, it’s not much but Disney is expensive and every thing to make it less expensive is a very good thing! You also get a free non-alcoholic cocktail in restaurants .(only with table restaurants, no quick service)
The day tickets are also 10% less expensive with the 50% off tickets for 2 parks on one day.

The inclusion of Extra Magic Hours is really important in my opinion, For more info check my Extra Magic Hour section. (coming soon)
You also get invited to special events in the parks like their Fan Daze event or the Magical Pride event.
Free luggage storage is always a very good thing, the hotels do have this feature for free, but this means that you can dump your bags in the park and pick it up when you need it again for free of charge.
Buffalo Bill is still featured on here, but I believe that they have cancelled that show or are going to cancel it.



The infinite is basically for the biggest Disney fans who want more luxery during their stay. But you do pay a whopping 400 euro’s for this price you get some extras.
You get a privaliged area of parking which is on the front row of the parking lot, which means that there’s less time walking around the major parking complex.
You get a 5% extra discount at restaurants so that makes 15%, which is a nice addon.
You get invitations to all the special evenings at Disneyland Paris and you get priority when the tickets are almost sold out.
Next to that you get special places at parades and firework shows to ensure that you have the best seat in the house!
Also you are alowed to swim in certain Disney hotel pools when you make a reservation.
The latest adition is that you can reserve everything online with the Infinity annual pass.

So they are still changing the ways how the passes work and they listen to us, the consumers, so they can get us the experience we think is worth the price!

If you have any questions be sure to leave a comment!


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