Best Disney Castle Ever

When Walt Disney designed Disneyland he made a castle that would put Americans in awe. However us Europeans have castles much more impressive in our figuratively backyards. Why does Disneyland Paris have the best castle? The pink castle on a hill One thing the castles in the US have in common are that they are … Continue reading Best Disney Castle Ever


Being Disney Addicts

Hi, I'm Robin and I'm a Disney addict. Sometimes I think I need a support group. A lot of my money goes to my Disney trips and Disney fashion, even so much I dont have money to smoke or drink. Let's see what Disney Addicts really are. Getting that Disney high Everyone who loves Disney … Continue reading Being Disney Addicts

Disney+; the week after

Its been a week now since Disney+ was released in The Netherlands. I've already written a review about it, however I wanted to give my honest about how this week of Disney+ was for me. What to watch One of the problems of Disney+ isnt a real problem. It's more of a first world problem. … Continue reading Disney+; the week after

Q&A with my most loyal reader and amazing Disney Blogger!

When I started blogging I knew I wanted to work together with other bloggers. And one of my most loyal readers is a blogger herself! She loves doing Disney Cruises with her Disney loving family and wants to discover Disney beyond Disneyland and Disney World. So to me that sounded like a match from heaven! … Continue reading Q&A with my most loyal reader and amazing Disney Blogger!

Disney+ Review

Yesterday Disney+ got launched in The Netherlands, making us the luckiest people in the world. My phone was glowing red of notifications from friends and websites I follow. This was the biggest news since the opening of Disneyland Paris for us Dutch people. Everyone I know is trying the free trial, and everyone is excited … Continue reading Disney+ Review

Disney+ Streaming Service

Disney+ out now in The Netherlands

This is not a drill, this is not click bait and this is not a test. Disney just released Disney+ in The Netherlands. A couple of months ago I wrote about The Netherlands being a test country.┬áThe only problem was that we did not know if it would be true or not. Disney said nothing … Continue reading Disney+ out now in The Netherlands

Disney Store

Dreaming of an Amsterdam Disney Store

Disney stores are something magical for me, it's a store that is not common in the cities where I live at. We have stores that sell certain Disney items. However a whole store is something that is not which is present. If I'd want to go to a Disney store the closest geological is in … Continue reading Dreaming of an Amsterdam Disney Store

Hurricane Dorian

Walt Disney Company Donates 1 Million to Bahamas

We've all heard about Hurricane Dorian and what kind of devastation it caused on the Bahamas. It truly did a number on one of the favorite vacation spot of millions of people. The big blue oceans and white beaches bring people to these magical islands every year. And Disney itself has a cruise line that … Continue reading Walt Disney Company Donates 1 Million to Bahamas

Top 10 Don’ts at Disney Parks

When you go to a Disney Park you are overwhelmed by all the options you get from Disney. However there are a lot of things you should not do in the parks. If you are a Disney park first timer and don't know the do's and don'ts this will help you! Let's look at the … Continue reading Top 10 Don’ts at Disney Parks

Disney Village Could Use An Upgrade

Disneyland in Anaheim has Downtown Disney, Walt Disney World has Disney Springs. However Disneyland Paris has Disney Village. A magical shopping street in the heart of Disneyland Paris where you can buy all the merchandise you could ever imagine. Being built in the 90's and never being updated. There for Disney Village could use an … Continue reading Disney Village Could Use An Upgrade