Disney+ Netflix killer?

We are on the front of D-day of our lifetime! We are on the start of something new and amazing. Tomorrow (12th of November) will be Disney+ Day! Disney+ Netflix killer? Let's find out! Interested in Disney news? Check out Mainstreetglobenews Disney+ vs Netflix The big question in mind is if Disney+ will kill Netflix. … Continue reading Disney+ Netflix killer?


Disney+ What you need to know

Disney+ has been out for a while in The Netherlands and Netflix has been collecting dust at my home. I think it's the best streaming service, but I've noticed that a lot of people don't really know what it is. So let me give you the most important Disney+ "what you need to know" tips! … Continue reading Disney+ What you need to know

Disney+ is the best family streaming service

Netflix and YouTube might have an option in their service to only get kid friendly videos. However Disney has made a whole streaming service that is safe for children of all ages to watch. Let's discuss why Disney+ is the best family streaming service. Family First When Walt Disney dreamed of Disneyland, he dreamed of … Continue reading Disney+ is the best family streaming service

Spider-man back in MCU

Spider-Man Back In MCU

The feud between Disney and Sony is over for now. Spider-Man is back into the MCU and fans everywhere are happy. However there is also bad news. Sony will not give up Spider-Man that easy. Nasty Divorce Marvel and Sony went through a very nasty divorce this last couple of months, and fans all around … Continue reading Spider-Man Back In MCU

Boy Meets World Hold Up Great!

Now with Disney+ available in The Netherlands I wanted to start watching Boy Meets World again. I wanted to know if it would hold up the test of time seeing that it is a show of the early 90's to the late 90's. And boy oh boy, Boy Meets World holds up great! Let's discuss it … Continue reading Boy Meets World Hold Up Great!

Disney+; the week after

Its been a week now since Disney+ was released in The Netherlands. I've already written a review about it, however I wanted to give my honest about how this week of Disney+ was for me. What to watch One of the problems of Disney+ isnt a real problem. It's more of a first world problem. … Continue reading Disney+; the week after

Disney+ Review

Yesterday Disney+ got launched in The Netherlands, making us the luckiest people in the world. My phone was glowing red of notifications from friends and websites I follow. This was the biggest news since the opening of Disneyland Paris for us Dutch people. Everyone I know is trying the free trial, and everyone is excited … Continue reading Disney+ Review

Disney+ Streaming Service

Disney+ out now in The Netherlands

This is not a drill, this is not click bait and this is not a test. Disney just released Disney+ in The Netherlands. A couple of months ago I wrote about The Netherlands being a test country.┬áThe only problem was that we did not know if it would be true or not. Disney said nothing … Continue reading Disney+ out now in The Netherlands

Disney+ Launching November 12th

A while back I shared the news that Disney+ would launch in The Netherlands first. This turned out to be a rumour. Now Disney has announced on their D23 event that it will be launching, and also start right away in The Netherlands. I'm more than excited by this news! The library of dreams The … Continue reading Disney+ Launching November 12th