Best Disney Castle Ever

When Walt Disney designed Disneyland he made a castle that would put Americans in awe. However us Europeans have castles much more impressive in our figuratively backyards. Why does Disneyland Paris have the best castle? The pink castle on a hill One thing the castles in the US have in common are that they are … Continue reading Best Disney Castle Ever


Being Disney Addicts

Hi, I'm Robin and I'm a Disney addict. Sometimes I think I need a support group. A lot of my money goes to my Disney trips and Disney fashion, even so much I dont have money to smoke or drink. Let's see what Disney Addicts really are. Getting that Disney high Everyone who loves Disney … Continue reading Being Disney Addicts

Top 10 Don’ts at Disney Parks

When you go to a Disney Park you are overwhelmed by all the options you get from Disney. However there are a lot of things you should not do in the parks. If you are a Disney park first timer and don't know the do's and don'ts this will help you! Let's look at the … Continue reading Top 10 Don’ts at Disney Parks

Disney Village Could Use An Upgrade

Disneyland in Anaheim has Downtown Disney, Walt Disney World has Disney Springs. However Disneyland Paris has Disney Village. A magical shopping street in the heart of Disneyland Paris where you can buy all the merchandise you could ever imagine. Being built in the 90's and never being updated. There for Disney Village could use an … Continue reading Disney Village Could Use An Upgrade

What it’s like staying at a Disneyland Paris partner hotel

You've seen the prices of the on site hotels and you think: "why should I spend hundreds of euros a night if there's a cheaper option?". Well I'm a Disney Onsite convert that prefers to stay at a Disney Partner hotel rather than a Onsite hotel. Let's see if it's a good choice to stay … Continue reading What it’s like staying at a Disneyland Paris partner hotel

Dealing With Disney Blues

You just came back from a fantastic Disney trip and you feel it. It's in your stomach, in your heart and it brings you down. No you don't have the Zika virus, you have what Doctors refer to as Disney Blues. It's a common problem most Disney fans have. If you want to read more … Continue reading Dealing With Disney Blues

Hard Rock Cafe Disney Village

In the last couple of weeks there have been rumours that The Hard Rock Cafe will be coming to Disneyland Paris. Recently a pop up shop opened up in Disney Village, so my hopes and dreams have been kind of confirmed. So will there be a Hard Rock Cafe Disney Village? Pop up Hard Rock … Continue reading Hard Rock Cafe Disney Village

D23 everything you need to know!

If you've never heard of D23, have no fear, a lot of people have never heard of it. But for a Disney fan it is the most anticipated event in the world. At D23 all the new things for the upcoming years are revealed. But it is so much more! Let's discover it together! Let … Continue reading D23 everything you need to know!

Disneybounding as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

Finding Romance in Disneyland

Finding romance in Disneyland is like looking for an Elsa cosplayer at Comic Con, it is literally everywhere! From the romance in Mainstreet USA, to the point where you see the castle. Romance in Disney has been imagineered to let you live your dreams. What are some of my favorite spots and memories? Let's find … Continue reading Finding Romance in Disneyland

Adult Disney: getting over the Disney Blues

Everybody who has been to a Disney themepark has had some sort of Disney Blues. It's a state of mind where you miss Disney a lot to where you want to pack your bags and go back right away. But how to battle it? Memories My Disney trip was the most romantic trip I've ever … Continue reading Adult Disney: getting over the Disney Blues