Adult Disney: A Dapper Haircut

The era of men taking care of themselves is upon us. We deserve to be taken care of and we should take the time to do so. That is what I've done today! I went to my local rock n roll inspired barbershop and I got myself a haircut. OldSchool Barber I've always had a … Continue reading Adult Disney: A Dapper Haircut

Adult Disney: Disney Rock ’n Roll Lifestyle

For a lot of years I've been thinking to myself, can you have a Disney lifestyle included with you Rock 'n Roll lifestyle? The short answer is: absolutely! Music Long gone are the days where Disney was the grandeur of music from the 40s and now Disney, with the modern movies, have switched to a … Continue reading Adult Disney: Disney Rock ’n Roll Lifestyle

Solo Travel: Blending In

A good way to do as a solo traveler is blending in with the locals, because as we all know tourists are easy targets for criminals. And being alone means that you can be a bigger target than in a group. Know the fashion Let's say that you are traveling trough the US and you … Continue reading Solo Travel: Blending In

Disney Geeks Are The New Rockstars

We are obsessed with famous people since the beginning of time. It all escalated in the 50's with the first rock stars, exploded in the 80's with Rock 'N Roll Legends! Nowadays you have social media stars who people adore, they follow every single move they post on social media. They will buy whatever they … Continue reading Disney Geeks Are The New Rockstars

Disney Merchandise Heaven

If you have ever been to Disneyland or Disneyworld you know about the massive amounts of merchandise Disney sells to eager fans. The merchandise goes from simple buttons to the most amazing artworks you could ever imagine for an astronomical price! Pins Disney loves their pins! You can find them in any Disney shop in … Continue reading Disney Merchandise Heaven