Solo Cruise: Restaurants

What kind of restaurants can you expect while traveling aboard a cruise ship? What kind of food can you expect? And is Cruise ship food any good? When I first traveled with a cruise ship I had no idea what to expect. My parents did tell me a bit from their cruises more than 2 … Continue reading Solo Cruise: Restaurants

Backpackers Backpack

Solo Travel: Backpacks

When you do solo traveling your backpack is your home away from home. It holds most if not all of your items that you haul to the other side of the world. But what kind of backpack should you choose? Do you really need one of those huge backpacks you see backpackers use? Can't you … Continue reading Solo Travel: Backpacks

Disney Cruise: Magical Adult Vacation!

Hello readers of Wish Upon a Star.... my name is Lori and my blog is Teacher Turned Mommy, not as easy as it sounds! You might be wondering why I'm writing on here, Robin read my post about our latest Disney Cruise. He then asked me to tell you about why you as adults would enjoy traveling on … Continue reading Disney Cruise: Magical Adult Vacation!

Solo Trip: Pre-Planning Checklist

One of the most important things is getting your trip to be amazing is to be ready for anything, because anything can happen and will happen. "What can go wrong will go wrong" - Murphy's law So let's go over a checklist together. Luggage When traveling your luggage is really important, how long will you … Continue reading Solo Trip: Pre-Planning Checklist