Adult Disney: how I became someone’s Disney Prince

Every girl dreams of finding her own Disney Prince or Princess. Every guy would love to have his own Disney Princess or Prince. Why not make some great effort and become someone's prince or princess? Real love If you, like me, live and breath Disney then you undoubtedly believe in true love. But love isnt … Continue reading Adult Disney: how I became someone’s Disney Prince

Adult Disney: Fighting Depression

Like a lot of people, I've been battling depression for more than a decade. Not a lot of people know this about me. I'm basically a clown with a mask on, on the inside of the mask my tears are going over my face. But now is the day that I say, no more! Today … Continue reading Adult Disney: Fighting Depression

Disney Dating: Disneyland Pre-fun!

A couple of days ago I told my very own Disney Princess that we are going to Disneyland Paris. And from that very moment our pre-fun started! Excitement I recently sold the rights of my first game to an investor and the moment I got the news I told my Disney Princess that we were … Continue reading Disney Dating: Disneyland Pre-fun!

Adult Disney: A Dapper Haircut

The era of men taking care of themselves is upon us. We deserve to be taken care of and we should take the time to do so. That is what I've done today! I went to my local rock n roll inspired barbershop and I got myself a haircut. OldSchool Barber I've always had a … Continue reading Adult Disney: A Dapper Haircut

Adult Disney; Friends With Benefits: Jealousy

As part of a friends with benefits couple you have no right to be jealous, but it can still be really hard. Jealousy In every relationship you will have feelings. You might want to protect your substitute girl/boyfriend to the point where it might seem that you are jealous. But let's break it down. Reasons … Continue reading Adult Disney; Friends With Benefits: Jealousy

Friends with benefits and substitute boy/girlfriend

Adult Disney; Friends with Benefits: Doing Stuff Together

In my previous blog about Friends With Benefits I explained what it is how to be a friend with benefit and what you should think of before you go the distance. This time I want to talk about the friend part, doing fun stuff together Being Friends It is a lot of fun to have … Continue reading Adult Disney; Friends with Benefits: Doing Stuff Together

Disney Dating: Confidence

Like my awesome friend Anniej said, it's all about confidence. Even if you aren't the greatest looking person in the world, it is still about confidence. Asking someone out It can feel incredibly scary to ask someone out. But most of the time it is just in our head. You can talk to anyone you … Continue reading Disney Dating: Confidence

Disney Fit: How to start?

Everybody would love to be in shape. I've told myself for years and years that I don't need to be in shape anymore, I was old in my mind, I didn't need to prove myself anymore. How could I ever been this wrong? Goals First determine what you goal is. What kind of body do … Continue reading Disney Fit: How to start?

Solo Travel: Sleeping Alone

One of the hardest things for adults who have been in relationships is sleeping alone. Not having someone next to you during the night, not waking up next to the person you like very much. So that's a big thing to tackle for most, but it is, in my opinion, not a problem that cant … Continue reading Solo Travel: Sleeping Alone

Solo Travel: Depression

I think everyone has some form of depression. Not knowing who you are, not knowing what to do with your life. Feeling like you can't get out of bed. Will Solo Travel be the solution to your depression? Short answer: no, it will not. But solo travel might be something you need to feel better … Continue reading Solo Travel: Depression